Enhance your curriculum delivery with a one-week active learning program at one of the City of Edmonton’s Recreation Centres!

Everything we do is tied to our belief in physical competence and facility comfort. We introduce students to facility staff and operational practice, provide active and energetic physical activity sessions, and encourage daily reflection. Students and teachers are immersed for an entire week in this active and educational program!

Program Fee: $840

What We Provide:

  • 4 Physical Activities
  • 5 Facility Familiarity Modules
  • Skating and swimming
  • Host to greet students on first day and answer questions
  • Classroom space(s) to accommodate curriculum needs
  • Options if you can't make a full week work
Facility Familiarity Modules (Grades K-6)

Artificial Turf - Genuine Maintenance

When Active Living School is hosted at Commonwealth Community Recreation Centre, Artificial Turf—Genuine Maintenance is provided to the class. Students learn about the different types of natural and synthetic surfaces, how they are maintained, and where those little black pebbles come from!

Facility Tour & Staff Introductions

At the start of your Active Living School, students are hosted and brought around the facility. They meet staff and are encouraged to prepare questions. We hope all students actively participate in this introductory tour!

How Pools Work

Inspiring the practical student, this session focuses on the equipment and operational needs of pools. Students are brought behind the scenes and shown what goes into making (and keeping!) the water crystal clear.

Lifeguarding 101

Lifeguards educate students on pool chemistry and first aid practices. These lifesavers play a crucial role in our facilities and your students will learn how important they truly are! Who knows, it could inspire them to be future lifeguards.

Ice Making

Students are guided through the ins and outs of ice operations by Arena Operations staff. They gain an appreciation for ice and the process of making it. This includes an introduction to equipment, a private walk through and the creation of their own mini Arena!

Water Safety

Water safety is paramount to enjoying life and its many activities, both indoors and outside. Aquatic instructors and lifeguards review the dos and don’ts around water and use several techniques to get the students thinking.

Physical Activity Programming

Active Start (Kindergarten)

In this fun-filled, fast paced class, there is no time for a nap! We’ll have a ball exploring a variety of movement skills such as running, jumping, twisting, kicking, throwing and catching!

Active Kids (Grades 1-3)

This Active Series class will focus on an introduction to Physical Literacy. Kids will explore a variety of sports and activities in order to develop agility, balance, coordination and speed. Each class will be well-structured and geared towards progressing each participant through the skills, regardless of their abilities, in a fun environment. This program is developed based on the Canadian Sport for Life Long-Term Athlete Development Model.

Kung Fu Panda 1 (Grades 1-3)

Learn basic kickboxing techniques and self-defense skills in this recreational class. This fitness-focused program is designed to foster your child's development through physical activity in a fun, non-competitive environment. No equipment needed.

Kickboxing (Grades 4 - 6)
This dynamic class combines the benefits of cardiovascular training as well as self-defense techniques. Improve coordination, strength, agility and quickness through drills that are sure to keep your child's interest. No equipment required.

Active Fit (Grades 4-6)

Students will learn body awareness, balance and basic strength training through a variety of circuits, obstacles and relay activities. Led by a Certified Personal Trainer, this class is sure to keep your kids interested and motivate them to be Active for Life.

Active Sport (Grades 4-6)

The development of motor skills, endurance, and strength is the aim of Active Sport. Through games, relays and sport specific drills, children experience multiple activities and strengthen their physical competency.


Jump on board with us for a yoga adventure! Bark in downward dog, hiss in cobra pose and flutter your wings in butterfly. Balance on your surfboard and stretch up tall like a tree. This fun class will open new doors to health and relaxation!

Zumba Kids

Designed exclusively for kids, Zumba Kids classes are rockin', high-energy fitness-parties packed with specially choreographed, kid-friendly routines and all the music kids love, like hip-hop, cumbia and more.

Dance pl3y

This is a new physical activity program that plays with dance in an unique and innovative way. Your kids will love learning simple moves from a variety of styles Hip Hop, Urban, Ballroom, Bollywood, Lyrical, Jazz/Funk as they get interACTIVE with our unique 360 degree teaching approach. Watch self-confidence and positive attitudes grow each week thanks to our motivating coaching philosophy featuring the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be positive! Be fun! Be yourself.

Bootcamp (Grade 6)
This is an exciting, high energy fitness class. Youth will participate in a variety of fun, developmentally appropriate activities. Learn basic weight training techniques, participate in relays and still have a blast!

Run, jump, crawl, and climb through obstacles. Obstacle courses force every student to test their balance, stamina, and agility. This class incorporates a lot of new activities! (Note: Equipment is facility dependent)