COVID-19 Utility Billing Changes

For the last three months, the City of Edmonton and EPCOR have recognized the financial difficulties faced by many because of the pandemic and we have been pleased to participate in the Alberta government's call for utility payments to be deferred for those who needed it. As we now enter a relaunch phase, we want to work with customers to return to full payments and recovery of deferred payments.

As of May 27, 2020:

  • Residential, small commercial and farm customers who deferred paying their utility bills with EPCOR due to the COVID-19 pandemic will receive automated calls reminding them to confirm payment arrangements for their outstanding balances after June 18, 2020 (the end of the initial 90-day deferral period which began March 18). 
  • Any customers who did not defer payments will continue paying their utility bills as normal.
  • Customers who do not make payment arrangements will be auto-enrolled in an equal payment program, with their outstanding balance divided into 10 installments over the period from June 19, 2020 to June 18, 2021. Customers can make alternate arrangements, providing the balance is paid by June 18, 2021, a date set by provincial legislation. 
  • At any time, customers can contact EPCOR at 310-4300 to make adjustments to their payment plan.

Customers are encouraged to go to to pay their bills, sign up for ebill or start/stop services, as phone systems may become strained due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Though phone service may be delayed, it is still available at 310-4300.

Waste management services are provided by the Waste Services branch and billed through EPCOR.

Waste Services

Garbage Collection
Information on collection of garbage and recycling from Edmonton households.

Eco Stations
Find out about these convenient waste drop-off facilities for electronics and household hazardous waste.

Edmonton Waste Management Centre
Learn about this unique collection of waste processing and research facilities.

Master Composter Recycler
A program that teaches volunteers about Edmonton's waste system to teach friends and neighbours how to reduce waste.

Presentation and Tours
Book a classroom presentation or facility tour for a school or group.

Details on household recycling collection and Community Recycling Depot locations and acceptable materials.

Find out how to donate or pick up reusable items at the Reuse Centre and Eco Station Reuse Areas.

Drainage Work

Sewer and Storm Water Systems

Sewer and stormwater systems are now being managed by EPCOR.  

General information about flooding, stormwater facilities, drainage rates, manhole cover and catch basin concerns and surface drainage problems is available via EPCOR's Drainage page.

Homeowners requesting or petitioning the City for specific improvements are advised to visit the Local Improvement Financing and Financing New Sanitary Trunk Construction  pages before proceeding with an improvement request (Note: emergency services do not fall under this category).   

Financing New Sanitary Trunk Construction
Guided by the Sanitary Servicing Strategy, a 75 year plan to provide sanitary servicing for new land developments within the City.

Service for New Developments
Details procedures, guidelines, controls and current fees for developers and homeowners seeking drainage services from the City.

Sewer Design Standards & Guidelines
Summarizes the Design Criteria for Sanitary Drainage and Storm Drainage sewers, as well as the public information available for As-Built Sewers.

Sewer System
How was the City of Edmonton’s sewage system built? How is it maintained? What will future development entail? The Sewer System section has all this information and more.