The local improvement process for Utility Services makes it possible for a property owner or several property owners to obtain sanitary sewer servicing and/or storm sewer servicing of abutting lands and to finance the cost of the construction by way of amortizing the construction charges on the tax roll.

Property owners inquiring about local improvement construction should first consult Utility Services whether:

  • Servicing may become available,
  • The area is eligible for local improvement servicing under existing city policy, and
  • Local improvement financed construction is feasible.

The City of Edmonton can undertake a local improvement provided certain conditions are met which include:

  • Sufficient petitions requesting local improvement construction are received,
  • Sufficient petitions protesting against the local improvement construction are not received,
  • All conditions are met in order to comply with the MGA (Municipal Government Act) Revised Statutes Of Alberta 2000, Chapter M-26, and
  • A bylaw is passed by City Council which authorizes the financing undertaking and completing of the local improvement construction.

Upon completion of construction, the local improvement assessments are placed on the tax roll.

Some examples of what may be constructed under local improvements are as follows:

  • Sewer mains
  • Services (from main to property line, and only in conjunction with main construction)
  • Oversizing
  • Sewer pumping stations
  • Drainage culverts
  • Ditch grading