Blatchford Renewable Energy is a City of Edmonton utility that provides heating, cooling and hot water services to homes, businesses and schools in the Blatchford community. Our neighbourhood District Energy Sharing System uses geothermal, solar and other sustainable energy sources to provide reliable and affordable services to our customers.

Blatchford has an ambitious and exciting vision to be a 100% renewable, carbon-neutral community, and Blatchford Renewable Energy plays a major role in helping to achieve that vision. Our environmentally responsible utilities are critical to helping make Blatchford a carbon-neutral community.

District Energy Sharing System

Blatchford’s district energy sharing system works by centralizing energy production in neighbourhood energy centres and circulating it through underground pipes to all the buildings within the community. By sharing and centralizing the energy that homes and businesses need, buildings use significantly less energy than if each building had their own equipment.

To make the system even more environmentally-friendly, Blatchford Renewable Energy will also be tying in renewable energy sources, like geoexchange, sewer heat recovery and solar panels, into the system.

By having high-efficiency buildings, utilizing renewable energy sources and sharing energy, Blatchford homes and buildings will produce approximately 75% fewer greenhouse gas emissions in comparison to a typical building in a community in Edmonton.

Blatchford Renewable Energy

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