Hidden Communities

This bibliography is designed to situate the records used in the City of Edmonton Archives Hidden Communities Virtual Exhibit in their larger context. It shows where these disparate records come from by grouping them by creator rather than by subject.

Wherever possible, links to catalogue entries in our online catalogue have been included. We also have some further catalogue information in our reference room.

For an explanation of terms and acronyms, see our Virtual Exhibit Glossary.



MS Fonds (Private records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
MS-56   Northern Alberta Pioneers and Descendants Association fonds
  EA-10-1565 Matt McCauley c. 1880
  EA-10-2790 Tent House, 1906
  EA-10-2794 Tent House for Post Office Workers, 1906
MS-59   Hubert A. Hollingworth fonds
  EA-160-325 Home on Grierson Dump, 1938
  EA-160-662 Edmonton from Connors Hill Road, 1933
  EA-160-1111 Edmonton Skyline from Saskatchewan Drive 1938

RG Fonds (City of Edmonton records)

Fonds Number Record Number Title
RG-8   City of Edmonton. City Clerk’s fonds
  Bylaw 121 The Public Health Bylaw
RG-11   City of Edmonton Commissioners fonds
  6.3 File 144 Opinions of the Inspectors who made Inspection re. Shacks on Grierson Dump April 6, 1937
  6.3 File 144 AG Shute Report
  6.3 File 144 WR Graham Report
  6.3 File 144 Letter from General Superintendent of Indian Agencies
  6.3 File 145 Eviction notice signed April 19, 1938
  6.3 File 145 JK Cornwall Report
  7.3 File 70 Report on Ross Acreage and Spruce Centre by Dr. Whitelaw - March 15, 1929
  7.3 File 72 Letter to Commissioner Mitchell from H.F. McKee Oct 18, 1933
  7.3 File 75 Health Inspector’s Report September 25, 1935
  7.3 File 89 1929 Map of Area
  7.3 File 89 1929 sketch of shack locations
  o/s 6.3 File 1 Map - 1949
  EA-88-201 Grierson Hill Dump, 1931

Photographs (with no associated fonds)

Records Title
EA-47-01 J.B. Little's Brickyard c. 1895
EA-122-140 Col. J.K. Cornwall c. 1925
EA-267-428 Tent House - Interior 1908
EA-297-21 Undated postcard of Riverdale. May be Dutch Settlement.
EA-400-1 Panoramic view of Edmonton ca. 1909 (detail)
EA-453-1 Alberta Motor Boat Company c. 1940
EA-495-52 Looking north east from low level bridge ca. 1935
EA-600-5027a New road to accommodate Bonnie Doon trolley bus is taking shape. Coming off south end of Low Level Bridge and graded east of EYP rail line, is reconstructed Connor's Road, 1950
EA-760-1 Photo of several homes at dump
EB-21-71 Tent on Fourth Street, 1912

Photographs (from City of Edmonton Artifact Centre)

Cigar Box Picture Frame
New Patent Carbon Water Filter

Fire Insurance Plans

1913 Edmonton Fire Insurance Plan by Charles E. Goad Co.
1953 Edmonton Fire Insurance Plan by Canadian Underwriters’ Association

Aerial Photos

1950, Arctic Airlines. Line 11-21
1950, Arctic Airlines. Line 10-22
1969, Range Aerial Service Ltd. Line 13-104
1988, Western Remote Sensing Ltd. Line 23-125


"1,098 Tents Occupied in Edmonton by 3,294 Tenters" Edmonton Bulletin, July 20, 1907
"City's 50 Cavemen Retain Their Independence, Build Bachelor Apartments in Banks of River" Edmonton Journal, March 23, 1935
"New Connors Hill Road Gives Scenic Approach To City Centre" Edmonton Journal, July 7, 1951
"Cottage on Connors Road Loses 'Squatter's Rights'" Edmonton Journal, September 27, 1965

The following sources were used in the research for this exhibit:

Clippings Files

Engineering Department Roadways Connors Hill Road
Health Department
Housing – Tent City
Parks and Recreation – Facilities – Louise McKinney Park
Tent City
The Great Depression 1930
Water and Sanitation Department – Landfill Sites – Grierson Dump

Annual Reports

Health Department, 1912


"Matthey McCauley" in Alberta Historical Review Vol. 20 No. 1 by Jim Blower.
Riverdale: From Fraser Flats to Edmonton Oasis by Allan Shute & Margaret Fortier. Tree Frog Press Limited, 1992.
Heart of the City: A history of Cloverdale from Gallagher Flats to Village in the Park by Ken Tingley with Paul Bunner. Cloverdale Community League, 2005.