members of the ETCRC

The Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee is made up of 15 Edmontonians who serve a 2-year term and help implement 2 strategic plans: Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy and Climate Resilient Edmonton: Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan.

The Committee encourages and promotes the strategies, provides advice to Council regarding their implementation and assists Council in developing performance measures. The committee provides a wide and strategic perspective on issues relating to energy transition and climate resilience in Edmonton.


On August 25, 2015, City Council approved City Policy C585, Edmonton’s Community Energy Transition Strategy, and on November 13, 2018, the Climate Resilient Edmonton: Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan was presented to the Executive Committee.

The Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee is a committee that has been established to advise Council on the implementation of the Strategy and City Policy C585. Committee members serve in a voluntary capacity for 2-year terms, (from May 1 to April 30) renewable to a maximum of 6 consecutive years.

Creation of the Committee aligns with corporate goals outlined in ConnectEdmonton:

  • Edmonton is a neighbourly city with community and personal wellness that embodies and promotes equity for all Edmontonians
  • Edmonton neighbourhoods are more vibrant as density increases, where people and businesses thrive and where housing and mobility options are plentiful
  • Edmonton grows prosperity for our Metro Region by driving innovation, competitiveness and relevance for our businesses at the local and global level
  • Edmonton is a city transitioning to a low-carbon future, has clean air and water and is adapting to a changing climate

The Energy Transition Climate Resilience Committee's establishment, mandate and terms of reference are outlined in Bylaw 18881.


Council Advisors

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term
Councillors Ben Henderson & Michael Walters Dec 5/17 2017-2021 Council Term


Additional information on current ETCRC members.

Citizen Members

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Peter Amerongen Apr 19/16 Apr 30/23
Gregory Caldwell Apr 19/16 Apr 30/22
Chelsey Donelon   May 01/18 Apr 30/22
Michael Fleischauer Apr 19/16 Apr 30/22
Daniel Grist May 25/20 Apr 30/22
Marc Huot Apr 19/16 Apr 30/22
Camille Jasper-Fabiyi  (Co-Chair) May 25/20 Apr 30/22
Shafraaz Kaba  (Co-Chair) Apr 19/16 Apr 30/22
Jacob Komar May 01/18 Apr 30/22
Grant Pearsell May 25/20 Apr 30/22
Kathleen Rich May 25/20 Apr 30/22
Klaas Rodenburg Apr 19/16 Apr 30/23
Chris Vilcsak Apr 19/16 Apr 30/23
Geoffrey Wagner Apr 19/16 Apr 30/22
Sheena Wilson May 01/18 Apr 30/22


Meeting Minutes
Read the minutes and attachments of previous meetings.
Calendar and Resources

2021 Meeting Schedule

  • January 26
  • March 18
  • May 6
  • June 17
  • September 23

Committee meetings are open to the public.

Update: These meetings will be conducted virtually during the pandemic. Reach out to the Energy Transition Project Manager for meeting details or to request to speak at a meeting.