Agencies, boards, committees and commissions are each governed by an establishing document. To maintain consistency, City Council has approved basic standards regarding establishment, reporting, appointment and recruitment, as follows:


(Acts are available from Alberta King's Printer)

  • The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (applies to all city boards)

  • The Municipal Government Act (most city boards are established under this act)


18155  Council Procedures Bylaw
C18156  Council Committees Bylaw

See the list of agencies, boards, committees and commissions to access agency pages and links to establishing documents (where available).

C19870 Council Committee Code of Conduct Bylaw
    Council Committee Code of Conduct

Council Policies

C575E Policy: Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions
C575E Procedure: Agencies, Boards, Committees and Commissions
  • Guidelines respecting the creation, powers and duties of City Agencies
  • Duties of Members, Chairs and Responsibilities of City Manager
  • General Appointment Guidelines
    • Councillors, Quasi-Judicial Board Chairs, Externally-Nominated Representatives
  • External Agency Appointments
  • Recruitment and Selection Process Guidelines
  • Recognition, Expenses and Remuneration
  • Agency Classifications
  • Summary of Evaluation for Members Eligible for Reappointment
C628A Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies
 C628A Procedure:  Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies

This policy applies to Council-appointed members, who are not Members of Council, of all advisory committees, ad hoc committees and task forces, and the following decision-making bodies:

  • Edmonton Combative Sports Commission
  • Edmonton Salutes Committee
  • Naming Committee

(Members may opt out of receiving an honoraria if they choose).