On August 5, 2022, the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission was notified by the City of Edmonton that the City was placing a pause on the acceptance of applications for promoter licences and event permits for any combative sports events within the City limits for a period of up to 9 months. The Commission was not involved in the decision to implement the pause.  

The City has advised the Commission that it intends to conduct a thorough review of the City’s role in licensing combative sporting events in order to provide recommendations for the future. The Commission has notified the City that it would like to participate as an interested stakeholder in the City’s review.

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The Edmonton Combative Sports Commission (ECSC) is a Council Committee composed of up to 7 volunteer citizen members. This governance body operates within the jurisdiction established by City Council through the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission Bylaw 15638. The ECSC supplements the regulatory provisions in the Combative Sports Bylaw 15594 through further regulations on combative sports matters such as licensing, conduct, qualifications and contests. The ECSC also serves as an appeal body for decisions made by the Executive Director regarding licensing and permitting.          

Executive Director

The Executive Director is an employee of the City and, pursuant to Bylaw 15638, is responsible for all operational decisions about combative sports in Edmonton. The Executive Director is not a member of the ECSC; however, the ECSC's regulations set additional rules to be applied by the Executive Director and other combative sports officials.   

Information about Serving on the Commission

Online applications to fill Commission vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.        


Citizen Members

Tye Babb

First Appointed: May 1, 2019
Term Expiry: April 30, 2023

Email: tye.babb@edmonton.ca

Sandy Bugeja 

First Appointed: May 1, 2017
Term Expiry: April 30, 2023

Email: sandy.bugeja@edmonton.ca

Daniela O'Callaghan  (Chair)

First Appointed: May 1, 2018
Term Expiry: April 30, 2024
Email: daniela.ocallaghan@edmonton.ca

Trevor Kelly  (Vice-Chair)

First Appointed: May 1, 2019
Term Expiry: April 30, 2023
Email: trevor.kelly@edmonton.ca 

Kevin Malahy

First Appointed: May 1, 2021
Term Expiry: April 30, 2023

Email:  kevin.malahy@edmonton.ca 

Nateram Seecharan 

First Appointed: May 1, 2022
Term Expiry: April 30, 2024

Email:  nateram.seecharan@edmonton.ca  

Graham Smith 

First Appointed: May 1, 2021
Term Expiry: April 30, 2023

Email:  graham.smith@edmonton.ca 



2022 Meetings

Commission meets the second Monday of each month.

Location: virtual
Time: 7pm

Meeting ID: meet.google.com/vrs-fnrw-wng
Phone Numbers (‪CA‬)‪+1 587-977-0928‬ PIN: ‪135 849 612#‬

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Past Meeting Resources


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January 11* Agenda Minutes
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April 19*

Agenda Minutes

Monday, May 10, 2021 from 6-9pm

ECSC Licence Appeal Hearing 

Executive Director Licensing Decision — 388738876-001 Promoter Licence Refusal  

Hearing is open to the general public. Only representatives related to the appeal are presenting to the Hearing Panel.



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