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City Council makes appointments to approximately 20 civic boards and encourages those with a desire to share their passion, time and skills to serve as a board member.  

Photo of a smiling board member.Wondering what's in it for you?

Check out what some board members have to say about volunteering for a board.

Commonly Asked Questions

Why should I be a board member?

Being a board member is an opportunity to provide your voice to decisions and services that shape our community.  It is also an opportunity to sharpen leadership, business skills and gain a broader understanding of municipal government processes.

How much time does it take?

The time commitment varies depending on the board. Most boards have monthly meetings plus subcommittee meetings, and may have additional board-related activities throughout the year. 

Will I be compensated for my time?

New Council Policy C628A Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies, and Procedure:  Honoraria and Expenses for City Agencies.

This policy applies to Council-appointed members, who are not Members of Council, of all advisory committees, ad hoc committees and task forces, and the following decision-making bodies:

  • Edmonton Combative Sports Commission
  • Edmonton Salutes Committee
  • Naming Committee

(Members may opt out of receiving an honoraria if they choose).

For Non-City/External Agencies - the Board's Recruitment Profile will include details if remuneration/honoraria is provided.