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The revised Edmonton's Community Energy Transition Strategy and Action Plan was approved by Council in April 2021. It is an opportunity to re-imagine our city and the energy markets we will lead, and will require transformational change at an unprecedented rate.

Four interconnected pathways will help get us there:

  • A renewable and resilient energy transition
  • A low carbon city and transportation
  • Emission neutral buildings
  • Carbon capture and nature based solutions

The energy transition represents bold and brave action. This transformational change is achievable, but there will be many challenges and opportunities during this transition.

Let's work together. Let's make a Change For Climate.

Read the progress report on the Strategy implementation.

Related Reports

The following reports have been commissioned by the City of Edmonton to assist in the development of Edmonton's Energy Transition Strategy.

Report 1: Cost of Energy Transition

Report 2: Enhancements to Building Code

Report 3: Energy Mapping

Report 4: Solar Ready Buildings

Report 5: Funding and Administration Options

Report 6: Visible Metering

Report 7: Literature Review, Sustainable Cities

Report 8: Clean Energy Financing

Engagement Session in Edmonton Tower

The City of Edmonton is currently working to update the Community Energy Transition Strategy. Learn more about the update and opportunities to provide input.