What’s in it for YOU?

Here’s what some board members have to say about serving on a civic board.

Brian Carbol, Assessment Review Board

Photo of Brian CarbolIn applying to the board I was looking for opportunities to  apply my experience, skills and knowledge in a completely new setting, to learn and develop new skills and a new knowledge base, and to have an opportunity to interact with the public directly and work collaboratively with fellow tribunal members.

I would say that as a member of the Assessment Review Board you have the great fortune to work with members who have been very successful in their careers.  A great diversity of skill and knowledge sets are represented on the board and all contribute to the deliberations that result in making good decisions on the matters before the board. Board members work collaboratively and there is a very positive culture and camaraderie within the board. It is a pleasure to work in such an atmosphere.

Sandy Bugeja, Edmonton Combative Sports Commission

Photo of Sandy BugejaI've served on the Edmonton Combative Sports Commission for several years and while there are many good reasons to volunteer, my top reasons were an opportunity to be part of the decision-making process for athlete safety in combative sports, a way to contribute to my community and a chance to be part of a dedicated group of people who share similar interests. 
Serving on a board or committee is a great opportunity to learn about a particular facet of community life while meeting new people who have at least one shared interest with you. My experience has been rewarding in part because I've had a chance to work collaboratively with others to address several challenging issues and work towards solutions. 
I've learned a lot from my experience and it's given me a greater appreciation for the ways that citizens can help shape their community.