The Anti-racism Advisory Committee’s mandate is to raise awareness and catalyze action on racism and anti-racism in Edmonton, and provide advice to Council regarding community perspectives on issues relating to racism, including, but not limited to: diversity; discrimination; hate and extremism; racial equity; anti-Black racism; racism against Indigenous Peoples; xenophobia; Islamophobia; antisemitism; and the lived experiences of persons of colour.    

The Anti-racism Advisory Committee performs these functions:

  • Identifies and ensures equitable engagement of stakeholder groups and seeks their input into the Committee’s work   
  • Recommends to Council anti-racism funding program allocations which support community-based initiatives that:
    • Address racially motivated hate 
    • Build community capacity and cultural understanding
    • Promote awareness, training, and education, or
    • Involve research, monitoring and evaluation on diversity, anti-racism, and/or discrimination
  • Conducts research and prepares reports on community-based issues and concerns, and complements existing structures by providing recommendations on programs and services and their priorities; and
  • Works with the City Manager to develop and maintain a dialogue about, and take action on, matters of concern to stakeholders in relation to anti-racism

Anti-racism Advisory Committee Bylaw 

Anti-Racism Grants Program

The Anti-racism Grants Program supports youth, non-profits and local grassroots organizations with the development of anti-racism projects and events.    

For details about the program and information on how to apply, please visit    

Information about Serving on the Committee

Online applications to fill Committee vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.