Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) permits and inspections for commercial, industrial and multi-unit residential buildings. 

Includes kitchen exhaust systems, make up air units, spray applications, roof-top units, dust collecting systems and ventilation systems. 

For heating, ventilation, and air conditioning work inside a home see HVAC Permit.

When a project involves a general contractor, HVAC permits are attached to building permit. 

Contact your general contractor to be added to the online HVAC permit application. 

Important Information


  • Most HVAC projects will also require a building permit. See Do I Need a Permit? for more information. 
  • C-2 schedules must be signed by an engineer and submitted a minimum 2 business days prior to requesting a final inspection. 


  • Pending request volumes, inspections may not occur on the date requested.
  • Due to the “spot check” and “point in time” nature of inspections, safety codes officers will not review all work in all areas. 
  • A limited number of inspections are included in the value of a permit. See Which Inspections Do I Need? for more information.