To maintain public safety and fair competition, the City has a responsibility to ensure that the drivers who are providing vehicle-for-hire services are either licensed by the City or screened by transportation network companies.

Becoming a Driver

A City of Edmonton-issued Driver’s Licence is required to operate a vehicle for hire in the city of Edmonton. A City Driver’s Licence is required for drivers of:

  • Taxis or accessible taxis
  • Limousines
  • Shuttles
  • Private Transportation Provider (PTP) vehicles

A City Driver’s Licence is not required for drivers operating for Transportation Network Companies. To drive for a Transportation Network Company, please contact the company directly.

Need a Vehicle For Hire Vehicle Licence?

Find the details on obtaining and renewing vehicle-for-hire vehicle licences.

Driver Responsibilities

Drivers are expected to understand their roles and responsibilities in delivering a safe and accessible vehicle-for-hire system in Edmonton as outlined in the  Vehicle For Hire Bylaw

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Demonstrating strong customer service by being kind and courteous and taking the most economical route (unless otherwise requested)
  • Ensuring your vehicle is in good operating condition
  • Charging  fares as set out in the  Vehicle For Hire Bylaw
  • Supporting transportation options for all and not refusing rides unless warranted
  • Check the vehicle for any property left behind by a passenger after each trip, and make the property available for retrieval
  • Remember that taxis and accessible taxis are the only types of vehicles for hire that can accept hails/flags from the street—all other trips must be pre-arranged