Transporting Passengers

Vehicles for Hire in Edmonton transport passengers from one destination to another for a fee. These vehicles could include limousines, shuttles, taxis, rideshare companies, or other types of transportation services.


The Vehicle for Hire Bylaw 17400 allows the City of Edmonton to regulate transportation services to ensure:

  • public safety and consumer protection
  • accessible vehicle-for-hire services
  • fair competition and open innovation

Dispatch and Vehicle Licence Fee Reductions

On April 6, 2021, City Council approved a 100% reduction in 2021 dispatch and vehicle licence fees for limousines and a 50% reduction in these fees for all other vehicles for hire. The fee reduction will be automatically applied when licensees renew their licence or apply for a new licence.  For licensees who already received a credit for their 2021 fees, the fee reduction will be applied to their 2022 fees. The fee reductions are one way the City is helping support the industry through the pandemic recovery.

Vehicle for Hire Service Restrictions

Please visit the following web pages for applicable City and Provincial restrictions and guidelines.