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Learn more about Edmonton's Business Licence Bylaw and other regulations that business owners need to know.

New Business Licence Bylaw in Effect

The  new bylaw  came into effect on January 17, 2022, and provides clearer, more consistent regulations that help reduce barriers for businesses. It also allows the City to respond more quickly and decisively to new and emerging business types.

The bylaw contains a  new, tiered fee schedule and updated licence categories that better reflect the types of businesses operating in Edmonton. Visit for more information.

The City of Edmonton’s ​ Business Licence Bylaw 20002 states that every person or company that conducts business in Edmonton is required to have a business licence. 

A business licence indicates to your customers that you run a responsible business that follows the rules and regulations, including zoning, health, fire and building code, and public safety requirements. Requiring all businesses to meet minimum regulatory standards also helps create a level playing field within the business community.