Licensing Your Vehicle for Hire

To safeguard fair competition, and service quality and also encourage open innovation, the City of Edmonton has the responsibility to review and ensure good running conditions, and the number of vehicles operating in the city. Owners are required to obtain a vehicle licence for each vehicle.

Need a Vehicle For Hire Driver's Licence?

Find the details on obtaining and renewing vehicle-for-hire driver's licences.

Vehicle Licensing

A City of Edmonton-issued vehicle licence is required for the following vehicles for hire operating in the City of Edmonton:

  • Taxis and Accessible Taxis
  • Limousines
  • Shuttles
  • Private Transportation Provider vehicles

A City of Edmonton-issued vehicle licence is not required for vehicles operating for transportation network companies.


  • Each vehicle can only be issued one type of vehicle licence. 
  • Vehicles are licensed and regulated by the City to ensure that the vehicle for hire is a safe option for travel
  • You can apply for a vehicle licence by submitting your application documents to 
  • A mechanical inspection of the vehicle is required annually and is the owner's responsibility
  • A current and valid Mechanical Inspection Certificate Form must be kept in the vehicle at all times

A City of Edmonton-issued vehicle licence does not preclude the need for having an up-to-date and registered Government of Alberta licence.