The City is enhancing public spaces and balancing the roadway network in the Rossdale area to support all modes of transportation. The concept plan will be completed in 2022.

Online Engagement - December 2021

Thank you to everyone who engaged with us online in our survey and learning event.

Your feedback will be used to develop the concept design for the Rossdale area for all modes of transportation, including walking, wheeling, cycling, taking transit and driving, as well as streetscape improvements to the area.

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Project Area

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About the Project

The Rossdale Transportation Network project, identified in the River Crossing Business Plan, aims to enhance public spaces and design the roadway network for all modes of transportation, including people walking, biking, taking transit and driving. The design will consider the connections for this important link of roadways into and out of the Rossdale neighbourhood and for commuters accessing downtown from the south and for those travelling east-west across the City.

Concept planning is underway for the Rossdale Transportation Network to establish a plan that meets the community needs while balancing needs of businesses, active users in the area and those who commute through the area.

This project is currently funded for concept design. Public engagement opportunities will be available to help refine the concept design. Once funding is committed for further design and construction, additional public engagement opportunities will be available. There is currently no timeline for construction.