Rehabilitation (University Avenue to 80 Avenue) and reconstruction (80 Avenue to 82 Avenue) of Gateway Boulevard is underway and anticipated to be complete by fall 2023.

Project Update - December 2022

Construction work on Gateway Boulevard from University Avenue to 82 Avenue will resume in the spring of 2023. Work will primarily consist of the reconstruction of the roadway and pedestrian areas between 80 Avenue and 82 Avenue. Some limited carry-over work will take place south of 80 Avenue in the spring of 2023.  

About the Project

Gateway Boulevard enters the City as Highway 2 from the City’s south corporate limit. It is the main entrance and corridor into the heart of Edmonton, including Old Strathcona, the river valley and downtown. North of 23 Avenue, the freeway portion of Gateway Boulevard ends and becomes a major arterial roadway. Between University Avenue and 80 Avenue, Gateway Boulevard is a 4-lane roadway that transitions into a 3-lane roadway north of 80 Avenue. Between 81 and 82 Avenue (Whyte Avenue), the roadway accommodates 3 lanes of traffic with a right turn lane and on-street parking on the west side.

Many previous and current studies have been conducted that impact Gateway Boulevard. Existing studies include the Strathcona Area Redevelopment Plan, Strathcona Junction Area Redevelopment Plan (2012), Plan Whyte (2019) and the City Plan.

University Avenue to 80 Avenue Rehabilitation

The City has funding for the rehabilitation of Gateway Boulevard between University Avenue and 80 Avenue. The rehabilitation involves replacing ‘like-with like’ for the roadway, with some curb and gutter repair and some sidewalk repair.

80 Avenue and 82 Avenue Reconstruction

The City has funding available for reconstruction of Gateway Boulevard between 80 Avenue and 82 Avenue. Reconstruction, which includes opportunities for improvements, is scheduled to begin in 2023.