The area of 109 Street between the High Level Bridge and 61 Avenue is a major route linking Downtown and south Edmonton. This street serves several residential neighbourhoods, schools, businesses and major transit routes.

The 109 Street streetscape improvement project (named Envision109), as a follow-up to the 109 Street Corridor Area Redevelopment Plan (2013), has the aim of revitalizing the corridor as a pedestrian-friendly area that welcomes and serves residents, commuters and local businesses, offers a variety of transportation options and encourages redevelopment along the corridor.

What's New

The Envision109 strategy phase focused on public engagement, preliminary urban design and mobility analysis. The strategy phase was completed in 2020 with the delivery of 2 studies: 

The Envision109 Streetscape Design Vision (Strategy Phase) Summary Report (2019) (12MB) identifies long-term streetscape design opportunities to be considered when the road is due for full reconstruction, as well as opportunities that may be implemented in the interim through neighbourhood renewal or private development along 109 Street. 

The 109 Street Streetscape Design Guidelines (2020) (10.8MB) inform a consistent streetscape design associated with private redevelopment along the 109 Street corridor in the interim period. This design manual offers an integrated design approach taking into consideration existing land use and spatial constraints, prioritizing a pedestrian “through” zone, protecting existing trees, and accommodating bus stops, light poles and other street amenities in the available space.

Project Implementation

According to the road’s rehabilitation schedule life cycle, the full road reconstruction of 109 Street is expected in about 15-20 years. Further design work, including the roadway redesign, will be deferred until a later date closer to the road reconstruction time.

Project History

Project Update - September 2019

Highlights of the Streetscape Design Vision were shared at a Public Information Session on September 14, 2019. The vision identifies transformational opportunities for 109 Street to make it more walkable, improve aesthetics, promote environmentally sustainable development, support local businesses and provide connectivity options for all modes of transportation.

Roadway opportunities were not identified in the vision because 109 Street’s road construction is not due for 20 years. 

Elements of the vision will be studied for feasibility during Concept Design, or sooner, as area development projects and/or available funding provide implementation opportunities.

Project Update and Vision Highlights Display Boards

Project Update - April 2019

The Envision109 project is temporarily on hold due to other interdependent infrastructure planning studies, such as the Centre LRT study, the Southside Core Neighbourhood Bicycle Network, and the ETS Bus Network Redesign.

When the Southside Core Neighbourhood Bicycle Network was presented to Council’s Urban Planning Committee on August 14, 2018, a motion was passed that Administration provide further information on the feasibility of building separated cycling facilities or improving cycling connections to 109 Street. In response to that motion, Council Report Cycling Facilities and Cycling Connections: 109 Street was presented to the Urban Planning Committee on April 23, 2019.

Following the Council Report on April 23, 2019, the Envision109 project will continue developing 109 Street design vision and streetscape guidelines for short and long-term implementation. The design vision and guidelines will be presented to the public in fall 2019.

Project Update - Public Engagement 2016

Public engagement events, an online survey and Community Integrated Committee meetings allowed residents and businesses from six community leagues along 109 Street to provide their input during the strategy phase of this project.

Insight Survey - July 2016

A series of questions about Envision 109 was included in the City’s July 2016 Insight Community Mixed-Topic Survey. The Edmonton Insight Community is an online citizen panel made up of diverse Edmontonians who provide feedback on City policies, initiatives and issues.

Survey Results Summary

Meeting Two - May 2016

On Thursday, May 12, the project team presented major design considerations and guiding principles for the design of 109 Street streetscape. The purpose of this Open House was to help participants acquire a better understanding of the multitude of factors influencing this project. Public feedback will help the project team to come up with design solutions that address stakeholder expectations and city policies and directives in the best possible way, to ultimately improve the 109 Street corridor and help the revitalization efforts in the adjacent areas.


Envision 109

What We Heard (Phase Two)


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Fact Sheet

Meeting One - January 2016

On January 27, 2016, the City held an open house to encourage citizens to provide their feedback. The information received will assist in developing the guiding vision and a set of planning principles for the streetscape.

What We Heard (Phase One)

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