The 105 Avenue Streetscape is divided into three phases and includes a design refresh and bike lane. The project is anticipated to be complete in late 2023.

Project Update - April 2023

Construction on Phase 3 of the 105 Avenue Streetscape between 113 Street and 116 Street is anticipated to begin in late April.

Construction work will include:

  • Drainage work
  • Road and sidewalk reconstruction
  • Intersection reconstruction 
  • Streetscaping 
  • Installation of the Columbia Avenue Plaza

The reconstruction of the 105 Avenue intersections will be completed consecutively with 112 Avenue, 113 Avenue, 114 Avenue and 115 Avenue intersections requiring temporary full road closures. 

The installation of permanent one-way bike lanes will be completed between 112 and 109 Street, as well as on 116 and 113 Street. A temporary road closure of 105 Avenue will be required during construction on this segment. 

The conversion to one-way bike lanes west of 109 Street will require the two-way bike lane between 109 and 105 Street to be converted to one-way bike lanes on either side of 105 Avenue. The bike lane conversion will result in the closure of the diagonal section of 105 Avenue west of 108 Street.  


  • Vehicular traffic will be directed into one-way traffic on 105 Avenue between 109 Street and 116 Street as required. Motorists can detour either along 104 Avenue or 106 Avenue.
  • Cyclists are asked to detour along 106 Avenue between 100 Street to 117 Street. The speed limit will be reduced along this road to accommodate safe travel. Detour maps will be posted along the route.
  • Pedestrians are asked to follow the detour signage provided along the route where sidewalk segments remain under construction.  
  • Access to businesses and residences will be maintained during construction. 
  • Parking at Park Avenue Apartments will be maintained during 112 Avenue and 113 Avenue temporary closures. 

Construction Bulletin - May 2023