The 105 Avenue Streetscape is divided into three phases and includes a design refresh and bike lane. The project is anticipated to be complete in late 2023.

Project Update - September 2021

Streetscape construction for Phase One, between 109 Street and 112 Street, is ongoing. Sections of the sidewalk and interim paving on the north side of 105 Avenue between 109 Street and 111 Street have been completed, as well as the storm sewer installations between 109 Street to 112 Street.

Remaining items for Phase One that will be complete this year include road and sidewalk construction, streetlights, trees, new paving stone crossings, electrical work and storm and sanitary sewer work. Drainage upgrades between 114 Street and 115 Street have begun and storm sewer installation between 112 Street to 113 Street will follow this work. Phase One is anticipated to be complete by the end of the 2021 construction season. 

Access to businesses will be maintained during construction, as well as one-way traffic for motorists and pedestrians. 105 Avenue will have single lane directional closures for motorists to accommodate construction. Cyclists are being asked to travel along 106 Avenue while construction of the bike lane is being completed. Please watch for signage and detours in the area and thank you for your understanding as we complete Phase One.

Utility Construction

Utility construction, work required before the construction of the streetscape, will take place from June 2020 into early 2022, including:

  • EPCOR Drainage – a new storm sewer tunnel and some mains with service reconnections
  • EPCOR Water – relocations and reconnections of existing lines and hydrant relocations
  • EPCOR Power – burial of overhead lines underground and service reconnections
  • ATCO Gas – main relocations and service reconnections
  • Telus/Shaw and Bell– burial of overhead lines and relocations/reconnections of existing facilities

Streetscape Construction

  • 2021 – 109 Street to 112 Street streetscape construction is expected to begin 

  • 2022 – 113 Street to 116 Street streetscape construction will start

  • 2023 - the plaza, between 112 Street and 113 Street, is scheduled for construction

  • 2023 - the overall streetscape, from 109 Street to 116 Street, is anticipated to be completed

Project Overview

105 Avenue is emerging as a key corridor in the revitalization of the Downtown north edge.

In 2016, the City constructed the Phase 1 streetscape improvements from 116 Street to 119 Street, to help make 105 Avenue more accessible and pedestrian friendly. This construction is based on the 2013 preliminary design focused on 105 Avenue between 109 Street and 119 Street.

In 2017, the City refreshed the 2013 preliminary design with an emphasis on protected bike lanes. Stakeholder and public engagement occurred throughout this process.  A recommended option with 2-way traffic, 1-way bike lanes and some loading zone/parking between 109 Street and 116 Street, was developed and taken to Council in 2019 in the Roll Plan.