Artist’s rendering of the accessible lakefront walk.
Artist’s rendering of the accessible lakefront walk.

Hawrelak Park is temporarily closed for rehabilitation of utilities, facilities, open spaces, paths and roads.

Events at William Hawrelak Park have been temporarily relocated while the park undergoes refurbishment work. 

Deep Utility Work 2023

Project Update - Fall 2023

A full park closure is in place as rehabilitation work is underway. Current work involves replacement of all utilities and pavement structures throughout the park. Construction work has also started on buildings throughout the park. 

Replacement of storm and sanitary sewers throughout the park is nearing completion and perimeter road paving has started. A combination of construction methods is being used, and materials from the park roadways and trails will be crushed, recycled and used for road sub base material to stabilize the new roads and trails. Rehabilitation of the 2 outfalls is complete. 

Improvements to the main pavilion plaza and boardwalk are starting, and the 5-hectare man-made lake has been drained to accommodate the work. The lake will be refilled once work is complete and dredged at a future date in the construction schedule. Additional landscaping is also being added to create a planting buffer to improve water quality. This landscaping will include native species of plants, and attention has been given to the blooming period, diversity in bloom colour and plant form.

During construction, nearby residents may experience increased noise levels and traffic due to the nature of the work. The majority of construction will take place between the hours of 7am and 7pm in accordance with the Community Standards Bylaw 14600.

We understand the inconvenience caused by the park closure and look forward to the reopening in winter 2025/26. Visit Parks and River Valley to find other parks and amenities available.