view of building in winter

The Ortona Armoury building is undergoing rehabilitation work.

Project Update - December 2022

The rehabilitation is underway and the building is currently closed. Ongoing work includes hazardous material removal, interior renovation, mechanical and electrical systems, and structural improvements including foundations. Anticipated completion is in 2024.

Project Overview

The Ortona Armoury was built in 1914 and has been a prominent historical landmark in the Rossdale area for over a century. For the last 30 years, the Ortona Armoury building has been used as studio space for artists/arts groups who have tenancy agreements with the City. In 2004, the building was designated as a Municipal Historic Resource which legally protects it from demolition or alterations to the structure.

The rehabilitation work includes hazardous material removal, window restoration, and full interior renovation. This project will require extensive work to upgrade building structural elements and foundations, replace mechanical and electrical systems and general building repairs. The project also includes site grading and landscaping, new utility connections, lighting and various theatre elements as well as an addition between the north and south portions of the building. 

Due to the scope of the work and the age of the building, it will be closed during rehabilitation work. The Ortona Armoury Building will remain an arts and community hub that supports flexible art spaces for visual and performing artists, as well as creating bookable spaces for community use.