Edmonton Transit encourages customers with mobility difficulties to board and seat or secure themselves ahead of other customers once departing customers have left the bus or LRT. This allows customers who require priority seating to be able to access it first.

The priority seating area is for those passengers who are using mobility aids (such as wheelchairs, walkers, scooters, canes, crutches, assistance dogs), who have disabilities, or who have difficulty getting around. It is also available for people travelling with children in strollers. It is available on a first-come, first-served basis for our priority passengers, but individuals with the lowest mobility receive highest priority.

Priority Seating on Buses

On our buses, the two aisle-facing seats and the first two rows of forward-facing seats on both sides of the aisle are Priority Seats, and are identified by Priority Seating decals. The decals are bright and colourful. On the buses, four yellow boxes containing figures depicting a person with a stroller, a walker, a cane and a guide dog, are on a bright red background with the words, ‘Priority Seating … For persons with reduced mobility'.

Passengers in these seats should be prepared to move to other seats if a customer with a mobility challenge boards the bus, or when asked by the bus driver. The front aisle-facing seats and the first forward-facing seats also fold up to make room for persons using mobility aids.  If you are moving to another seat to make room for a customer with mobility challenges, please fold up the seat for them.

Priority seating stickers on window and the wall of an ETS bus

Priority Seating on LRT

On the LRT, Priority seats are also located adjacent to the accessible doorways on the LRT cars.

Accessible doors are marked by a blue stripe above the door, and the universal handicapped symbol on the door front. Decals placed inside the train cars show which seats are designated as Priority Seating.

Photo of priority seating sticker on window on an LRT car

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