Dogs trained to aid or to guide persons with visual, hearing or other disabilities are permitted on ETS buses and trains.

Service dogs travelling on ETS must be:

  • Trained by an ADI (Assistance Dogs International) accredited organization, or
  • Trained by a school that meets the qualifications of the International Guide Dog Federation's standards, or successfully tested through an approved Alberta testing facility (as designated under the Alberta Service Dogs Act)
  • Have training identification (by August 2018, this ID must be provided through the Government of Alberta Service ID card program), and wear a service animal vest and appropriate harness

No fare is required for the dog, but the owner of the service dog must ensure that it is kept clear of the aisle, and that it's under control at all times. Persons travelling on ETS with service dogs are encouraged to sit in the priority seating area of our trains or buses, where there is more room for the animal.

Only service dogs, accredited as noted above, will be considered; other support animals are not allowed on Edmonton Transit vehicles or property, unless confined to a cage or approved pet carrier for the duration of time spent on Edmonton Transit.

For information about pets on ETS, see What items can I bring on transit?