The safety of customers, staff and contractors at transit facilities is our top priority. ETS uses a multi-layered approach to safety and security.

Maintaining a safe and welcoming transit environment involves active cooperation between alert passengers, trained ETS personnel, Transit Peace Officers, Edmonton Police Service, private security guards and a wide variety of other safety features. One way ETS does its part, is by ensuring employees have specialized training, knowledge and experience. Our passengers help by identifying and reporting unusual, suspicious or emergency situations.

Did you know?

  • ETS uses an integrated multi-layered approach to safety and security on transit. Each layer provides a distinct function to ensure safety for customers, staff and contractors working onsite.
  • Edmonton Police Service’s (EPS) Crime Suppression Branch proactively patrols transit property and works closely with the City’s Transit Peace Officers.
  • Transit Peace Officers proactively patrol transit property, respond to security challenges and help provide Edmontonians with connections to social support services, if needed.
  • Security Guards are deployed at 19 Transit Centres/Stations throughout Edmonton. Security guards provide additional oversight, help Edmontonians and report directly to the ETS Control Centre if additional security resources are required.
  • Community Engagement Teams, in conjunction with EPS, conduct onsite engagement sessions at some transit facilities to help further activate these locations, and handout safety-related information.
  • Transit Watch (780-442-4900) provides a direct connection to our ETS Control Centre. Passengers can call or send a discreet text to the phone number if they see something suspicious on the transit system. It’s a great number to have in your phone.
  • Over 3,800 CCTV surveillance cameras are installed on buses, trains, at LRT stations, transit centres and some City pedways.
  • Emergency Blue Phones are installed in all transit centres/LRT stations and connect directly to the ETS Control Centre.
  • Alert systems in LRT trains (yellow strips above windows and red push buttons) connect directly to the LRT Operator, who will assess the situation and contact ETS security personnel for an appropriate response.
  • In summer 2019, ETS deployed additional Inspectors, Road Superintendents, and Control Centre staff to support enhanced safety and security.
  • In summer 2019, ETS and Transit Fleet Maintenance began the installation of retractable bus shields for operators. All 40-foot conventional buses are now equipped with shields.
  • Transit operators are trained to assist when they witness an incident and have the tools to report it to the proper agency.
  • ETS has ongoing awareness campaigns to educate transit users about how to seek assistance.
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles are applied in all new transit rehabilitation and improvement projects.
  • Stop Request is a daily program that allows passengers to stop at a location other than a bus stop along the route after 6pm, provided it’s safe to do so.