The maximum size of mobility aid (wheelchair or scooter) that we can accommodate on ETS buses and LRT trains is 28 inches wide by 48 inches long (71 cm by 121 cm). Measurements must be taken at the mobility device's broadest points (widthwise and lengthwise).

Please note that some mobility devices, particularly four-wheeled scooters, might not be able to be accommodated on buses if they are unable to make the tight turn from the ramp at the front door to the bus aisle towards the seating area, even if they are within the above-noted size constraints.

If you are unsure whether your mobility device can be used on our buses, please contact ETS Customer Training at 780-496-3000 for more information.


All low-floor buses have flip-up style seats in the front seating section to make room for two forward-facing wheelchairs or scooters. Brakes on the mobility device must be applied and/or the power switched off when the bus is in motion.

Securement options on the buses include a wheel lock (for manual wheelchairs only), a lap belt that secures the customer and their device, and an S-hook, which can be applied to a secure anchor point on the mobility device.

Rear-Facing Wheelchair Position

Some of our buses also have a rear-facing position, which is located at the backrest located directly behind the wheel well on the driver's side. This rear-facing position also includes a restraint belt to help secure the mobility aid in place by looping over the armrest or anchor point on the left side of the mobility device.

On community buses, an anchor-and-belt system is available upon request, which the bus operator will use to secure the mobility device.

ETS operators can provide information on how best to board and secure your mobility aid. If you need assistance, ask the operator for help to secure your equipment properly.

Additional Information

If the operator is unable to provide physical assistance due to physical limitations, please understand.

Use of these restraints is voluntary but strongly recommended. Restraints are not available on the LRT cars.

360° Tour of a Low Floor Bus

Take a low-floor bus for a spin with a 360 panoramic tour. The tours provide 360-degree image of a bus, which can be viewed from your computer. It gives viewers a sense of walking through the bus, like a sneak preview of what to expect before you even board the vehicle!

For More Information

Telephone 780-496-3000