Starting August 30, 2021, bicycles and e-scooters will be allowed on the LRT at all times of day. We are committed to integrating active modes of transportation with public transit. 

At Century Park and Belvedere transit centres, we are conducting a bicycle storage locker pilot project. There are 6 metal storage lockers at each of these locations, and they are first come, first served. Each locker can store one adult-sized bicycle. Cyclists need to supply their own padlock for the outside of the locker. There is no charge to use a locker. 

Photo of a bike storage locker at Century Park


Combining different modes of active transportation with transit service is a great way, and green way, to get around the city. 

Edmonton Transit Service gives cyclists the option of putting their bicycle on the rack on the front of the bus (see video below), or taking their bicycle on the LRT. ETS also has bicycle parking at a number of its transit centres and LRT stations, along with bicycle storage lockers at Century Park and Belvedere. 

E-scooters on ETS 

On the LRT: 

Starting August 30, 2021, e-scooters will be allowed on the LRT at all times of day. The same rules apply for e-scooters as for bikes. Riders will need to dismount from their e-scooter, and walk it on LRT platforms. Please note the meter on the e-scooter may continue to run while riding the LRT. 

On the bus: 

E-scooters are not allowed on buses or the bike racks on the front of buses. 


E-scooters may be parked at a transit centre in areas designated for bike parking. E-scooters cannot obstruct other bikes or the bike racks. 

Do not park an e-scooter inside a transit centre, in the car stalls at transit centres, or on an LRT platform. Do not ride an e-scooter inside an LRT station, or on the LRT platform.

Non-motorized scooters are allowed on LRT and bus. 

More information about e-scooter rules in Edmonton