Cyclists can combine their cycling with transit to make their daily commute or tours around the city an eco-friendly trek.

Edmonton Transit Service gives cyclists the option of taking their ride with them on the bus or LRT. ETS also has bicycle parking at a number of its transit centres and LRT stations.

E-scooters on ETS 

On the LRT: 

E-scooters are not allowed on the LRT from 7:30-9am, and 4-5:30pm. They are allowed on the LRT outside of these hours. Please note the meter on the e-scooter may continue to run while riding the LRT. 

On the bus: 

E-scooters are not allowed on buses or the bike racks on the front of buses. 


E-scooters may be parked at a transit centre in areas designated for bike parking. E-scooters cannot obstruct other bikes or the bike racks. 

Do not park inside a transit centre, in the car stalls at transit centres, or on an LRT platform. 

Non-motorized scooters are allowed on LRT and bus. 

More information about e-scooter rules in Edmonton