Proof of Payment: Customers must always have proof of payment on hand when riding ETS. When boarding regular bus service or DATS, fare must be presented or paid when entering the bus. When travelling on LRT, fare must be purchased or validated prior to entering the Proof of Payment areas, marked by blue signage. When travelling on buses, for customers paying with cash or tickets, they will need to take a transfer from the operator (even if they don’t need a transfer) to show proof of payment, in the event they are asked by a Transit Peace Officer or a member of Edmonton Police Service (EPS).

Cash: Exact change required. Operators do not carry change. A transfer will be provided (even if it’s not needed) to show proof of payment.

Tickets: Valid up to 90 minutes from the time of issue when purchased at a fare vending machine, validated by ticket validator in LRT proof of payment areas or deposited into bus farebox (and exchanged for a paper transfer to show as proof of payment).

Transfers: Transfers can be made between buses and the LRT on a single fare.

  • A transfer allows boarding privileges, including return trips, for a period of 90 minutes.
  • The expiry time of the transfer is indicated at the time shown on the transfer where it is torn by the bus operator. (Expiry time is at the tear.)
  • A valid transfer must be requested from the bus operator at the time the fare is paid.
  • Keep your receipt as Proof of Payment until you leave the paid area at your destination.

Passes: Customers using passes must display their valid pass to bus operators upon boarding transit vehicles, or have their valid pass with them when travelling on LRT to display to ETS staff conducting fare checks. Customers using Youth or Senior fare product are required to show proof of age upon request. Monthly passes are valid for unlimited travel from the first day until the last day of a calendar month only.

Please Note: Youth 12 and under ride free when they are accompanied by a fare-paying customer (youth, adult or senior). Youth 12 and under not accompanied by a fare-paying customer must pay cash fare or a youth ticket.   

What fare products and programs have conditional refunds?

ETS may be able to provide a refund for certain fare products and programs. If you purchased your product from the online store please email for directions on how to return your pass for a refund. 

For all other purchases please bring your pass along with your receipt to the Edmonton Service Center, located on the second floor of Edmonton Tower.

Purchased in error - A prorated refund may be given for passes purchased in error and returned with the value of the ETS Day Pass deducted for each day after the first day of the month if there is no receipt or from date of receipt whichever is relevant. 

Prior to the 1st day of new month - Full refund

Day 1, 2, 3, and so on - Reduced refund for each valid day by the value of an ETS Day Pass, until there is no refund value

Dated receipt - Reduced refund for each valid day from date on receipt, by the value of an ETS Day Pass, until there is no refund value

Lost in Mail - All ETS Fare product ordered online is delivered by Canada Post, and a signature is required to confirm receipt. ETS cannot be responsible for delayed deliveries by Canada Post. However, if your order is not received and Canada Post confirms that the order has been lost, ETS will honour your purchase with a current valid replacement of the same type of fare product, after confirming with Canada Post.

Death of Passholder - A prorated refund may be given under the following circumstances with the value of the ETS Day Pass deducted for each day after the first day of the month if there is no receipt, or from date of receipt whichever is relevant (see Passes Purchased in Error for more information):

  • In the case of death of a monthly pass holder, a prorated refund from the date on the death certificate, when the certificate is presented by the certified executor of the estate and the pass is returned to ETS.
  • In the case of the death of a Senior Annual Pass holder, a prorated refund from the date on the death certificate, when the certificate is presented by the  certified executor of the estate and the valid pass is returned to ETS.

Damaged Fare Product (washed, torn, and so on) - Monthly passes or tickets that are damaged may be replaced by ETS, provided the type of pass or ticket can be identified and the product is currently valid. Expired fare product or fare product that cannot be identified as currently valid will not be replaced; ETS retains sole discretion regarding replacement in such cases. 

Do Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) customers ride for free?

Customers who are visually impaired and who possess a CNIB ID card can use that card as a transit pass on all ETS services including routes providing service outside the City of Edmonton. Use of a white cane or service animal alone does not qualify an individual for this fare service - the CNIB card must be shown to the bus operator upon boarding.

CNIB ID cards are accepted as valid fare payment on:

  • Edmonton Transit (all routes, including DATS for registered DATS users)
  • City of Fort Saskatchewan (Route 580)
  • City of Spruce Grove (Route 560/561)
  • Edmonton Airport (Route 747)
  • City of Leduc (all routes)
Why is there a difference between regional and local fare prices?

Edmonton Transit works with each municipality to coordinate transit services. However, each municipality has authority over their own fare policy since transit fares help offset the operating costs and the tax levy that subsidizes the service provided.

The fares for inter-municipal transit trips are typically higher than local fares because of the longer distances and the higher operating costs to provide these services. Most ETS fare products can be used to travel to surrounding areas with an additional cross border surcharge. The surcharge is necessary to ensure that the sale of regional fare product is not undermined.

The introduction of Smart Fare is supported by the Capital Region Board and will enable better and more convenient integration of transit fares throughout the region. For more information on each individual region, see Regional Service.

What fare products and programs do not offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for any of the following items.

  • Any confiscated passes and tickets
  • The fare product is expired or past its expiry date
  • It was issued through the ETS@Work program
  • Any lost, stolen or misplaced fare product
  • Regional fare product (must go through regional providers)
  • Youth passes purchased at school
  • U-Pass
  • Adult or Youth/Senior tickets
Why do ETS bus tickets have expiry dates?

The expiration date helps protect against the potential counterfeiting of transit tickets, in addition to making routine design changes. As a courtesy and a sign of good faith, Edmonton Transit also allows expired tickets to be exchanged for new tickets for the first 30 days after the expiry date.

During this time, you can exchange your expired ETS tickets in-person at the Edmonton Service Centre(10111 104 Ave NW 2nd Floor, Edmonton, AB T5J 0J4) or mail them to the Edmonton Service Centre through standard postal services, registered mail or courier.

If you choose to mail your expired tickets, please put them in an envelope that includes a note with your name, address, phone number and an explanation why you are mailing in these tickets.

Please Note: By using registered mail or courier, you will receive a tracking number and as well as notification when the envelope has been delivered. 

Why does Route 747 use different fare product than regular ETS service?
Route 747 is provided in partnership with the Edmonton Airports Authority. The transit fares charged on this route help offset the operating costs. The rates are comparable to other inter-municipal fares throughout the region.

For business travellers looking for a receipt for transportation costs to the airport, we recommend that you purchase a strip of adult tickets. Tickets can be purchased via our online store. ETS is currently unable to provide receipts for one-time fare purchases.
Why did ETS introduce the Children 12 and Under Ride Free program?

The program demonstrates the City’s commitment to making Edmonton a more child-friendly place that recognizes the needs of children and families. Providing free transit for children 12 and under further encourages citizens to engage with their communities and to participate in community events, recreation and school activities as a family. 

Can a youth accompany children 12 and under?

Yes, a fare paying youth can accompany children 12 and under.

How many children 12 and under can accompany one fare paying customer?

There is no limit (for example, a teacher could bring an entire class). However, it is expected that the customer will be able to properly supervise all accompanied children. 

Do children 12 and under ride free on Route 747 or regional bus routes?

Route 747 operates under a different fare structure than other ETS routes. All Route 747 passengers must pay the $5 fare, including children under the age of 12.

Children 12 and under may ride free when accompanied by a fare paying rider on Route 580 to Fort Saskatchewan. A fare-paying customer can be either a youth or an adult.

For bus routes 560, 561 to Spruce Grove children 5 and under may ride free when accompanied by a fare paying rider.