In partnership with Edmonton employers, the ETS@Work program provides employees with a monthly discount of up to 24% off the cost of a regular adult monthly pass, plus further eligibility for a federal tax credit.

Benefits for Employees
  • Access to a Discounted Pass
    Save up to 24% off the regular adult monthly pass fare.
  • Reduce Travelling Expenses
    Under this program, you can drive your vehicle less, which means using less gas, reducing vehicle wear and tear and not needing to worry about parking.
  • Convenient Payment Option 
    Your employer handles the required payments via payroll deduction.
  • Easy Application Process
    To get your employer involved, refer them to this webpage, or have them phone the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037).
Benefits for Employers
  • Supporting a Green future
  • Adopting the ETS@Work program provides organizations with a means to become environmental leaders and support an active lifestyle within our vibrant City.
  • Employee Retention
    Many employers add the ETS@Work program to their benefits package to attract and retain good employees. Several companies have found the program to offer a competitive edge within Edmonton's labour market.
  • Customized Appeal
    Beyond matching the discount provided by ETS, employers have the option to customize the discount further. In fact, some companies choose to offer the ETS@Work Pass to their employees for free.
  • Reduced Parking Concerns
    Making better use of existing employee parking sites can bring long term cost and administrative savings.
The Process

Step 1: The employer signs on to the program providing at least 10 employees who will participate for a minimum of six consecutive months. As a required minimum, the employer matches the ETS discount up to 12% off the regular adult monthly pass fare - providing employees with a total discount of about 24%.

Step 2: Employers contract with participating employees and administer the payroll deductions.

Step 3: Passes are conveniently ordered online using a corporate credit card and then shipped directly to the employer via courier.  

How does it work?

Step 1: Contact the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037) to get the preliminary information you need.

Step 2: Once you have established that your organization is ready to proceed, you (the employer) must complete the ETS@Work Employer Application form.

Step 3: Once approved, formal agreements will be sent to you to be signed by the appropriate authority and returned to ETS for completion. The Administrator assigned by the employer will then be provided with all the appropriate documents to begin set up (payroll deductions) and their communication with staff. Each employer must have a minimum of 10 employees enrolled (via formal agreement with the employer) in the program at all times and the employer must (at minimum) match the ETS discount. Your organization may also choose to increase beyond the matching amount.

Step 4: After the formal agreements have been signed and completed by all parties, and an account has been created for ordering, the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator will arrange a date with you (the employer) to place your first order.  

Step 5: An account will be created for pass purchase via the ETS Online Store according to our distribution schedule.

Please note: the account set up process will take approximately 3 weeks from the date of application, so it will be at least this long before you will be able to place your first order. Passes are always ordered a month in advance of validity.

For further information and specifics please contact the ETS Customer Programs Coordinator (780-423-5037).