Pick-up Window

When you book a DATS trip, the Booking Agent will give you a 30-minute pick-up window. Please be ready at the first set of exterior accessible doors at the beginning of your pick-up window.

On-time service and client ride-time is affected by operators waiting for clients who are not ready when the vehicle arrives.  Please be courteous to fellow passengers.

NOTE: Operators do not ring buzzers/doorbells or search other areas for clients who are not present at the exterior doors during a scheduled pick-up window. 

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Web Services

DATS offers a ‘call ahead’ function (IVR – interactive voice response). IVR is an automated telephone system that gives clients an advance call to let them know their ride is on the way. IVR helps to reduce wait times and uncertainty for clients. As well, DATS has a night before IVR call-out that reminds clients of their upcoming reservation trips the night before with the option to cancel trips over the phone.

IVR also offers clients the chance to check on the status of a ride, cancel a trip, or receive text messages to check on an upcoming reservation.  For more information about these additional IVR features, please view the DATS IVR Information Page or contact DATS Community Relations at 780-496-4567 (Option 4).

In addition, DATS offers online self-serve options including: trip booking, cancelling trips and viewing trips.

Cancelling a Trip

There is high demand for DATS service. Your cooperation in phoning DATS promptly if you must cancel your trip will help us to provide better service for all passengers. Your cancellation saves making an unnecessary trip and may allow another client to use the trip. Remember to call the DATS Customer Care Centre to place a Temporary Cancel on your subscription trips when you are not planning to use DATS. DATS Cancellations: 780-496-4567 (option 1)

Trips cancelled less than 2 hours before the scheduled pick-up time are recorded as a no-show. Please note that frequent cancellations may affect client trip booking privileges.


A client is considered to be a "no-show" when:

  • The operator arrives at the scheduled time and pick-up location and no one is there, or
  • The client cancels at the door, or
  • The client cancels less than 2 hours before the trip (clients are required to give at least 2 hours cancellation notice)

No-shows are recorded in the client's file at the DATS office. Frequent no-shows will be reviewed and may lead to a suspension of service. The vehicle will wait a maximum of five minutes upon arrival within your scheduled pick-up time frame.  If you are not ready during this five-minute period, your trip is considered a no-show. For information on DATS policies, contact 780-496-4567 (option 4).

Service Standards

Assignment of Vehicles

Vehicles (lift vans, passenger vans, mini vans, accessible mini-vans and taxis) are assigned to provide DATS service in the most cost-effective vehicle that meets your particular travel requirements. We are unable to accommodate specific vehicle type requests or seating location requests.

Travel Time on Vehicles

DATS tries to minimize travel time, but you may be required to spend up to a maximum of 90 minutes on the vehicle during any one-way trip.

Travel Distance

Trip booking requests for short travel distances may not be accommodated unless there is construction that interferes with pedestrian movement, no sidewalk in the area, or physical barriers that prevent pedestrian movement.

Trip Adjustments

During your trip on DATS, you may decide that you would like to be dropped off at your destination early or want to change your destination.  Advise your DATS operator of your request. Operators may be able to accommodate these requests under certain conditions. DATS service standards must be maintained and other clients must not be negatively affected. If you are ready early, call DATS Customer Care Centre by calling 780-496-4567 (option 2).

Clients will not be able to change their trip if they have certain cautions on their file, or if the building at their destination is locked.

DATS Operator Assistance

DATS Operators assist clients with:

  • Positioning their mobility aid on the vehicle lift

  • Safely securing mobility aids to the floor of the DATS vehicle

  • Correctly securing the shoulder strap/lap belt

  • Getting on and off DATS vehicles

  • Exiting the vehicle to the first  set of accessible doors

DATS Operators DO NOT:

  • Make repairs or adjustments to mobility aids

  • Help with parcels or baggage, so limit possessions to those you can carry or travel with an attendant who can assist you

  • Enter your premises under any circumstances

  • Lift wheelchairs or scooters up or down stairs. All wheelchairs and scooters must be at ground level when the Operator arrives, unless you have a DATS approved ramp.

If you have questions, concerns or do not have an approved ramp, please contact DATS at (780) 496-4567 (Option 4) to schedule an assessment by an Operations Supervisor.

Passenger Safety on DATS

DATS is dedicated to the safety of every passenger on every trip and the safety of the Operator. All passengers on DATS are required to use the appropriate securement system or transfer to a vehicle seat for the safest trip possible. Clients traveling on a scooter must transfer to a seat. Correct use of a securement safety system (mobility aids) and seat belt assemblies (passenger) is mandatory and a condition of use while travelling on DATS.