Safety of passengers is the number one priority.  Therefore, locations must be safe for DATS vehicles to travel to, and for passengers to be on board while the driver is loading others. As well, locations must be accessible.


Here are guidelines that determine DATS ability to serve locations:

  • Address has to be clearly visible from the roadway
  • The roadway has to be well maintained (clear of snow and ice, and encroaching trees and bush)
  • Good lighting in the area
  • Good directional signage in area
  • Safe area for other passengers to wait in vehicle while driver goes to door with client
  • Sidewalks should be wider than wheelchairs (minimum 76cm or 30 inches)
  • Possibility of getting blocked or unable to turn around is a major concern. Area should be clear for DATS to safely pick up and drop off passengers. DATS vehicles should not have to double park to load and unload clients
  • Find out how to apply for a designated accessible parking area
  • Back alleys and behind buildings should be avoided because of unknown terrain, reduced lighting and maneuvering space
  • Must be an all weather roadway and not a pathway
  • Must be within the service area of Edmonton Transit Service, and within the Edmonton City Limits
  • For locations with multiple entrances, such as malls, DATS works with property owners to determine the safest and most accessible entrances

One Step Maximum

DATS defines accessibility as "being no more than one step in height."  Confirm your destination is accessible before booking a trip.

Snow and Ice

Ramps, sidewalks, driveways and roadways must be cleared of ice and snow from your door to where the door or the lift of the vehicle is opened.  If a clear and safe path is not available, DATS may be unable to provide service until it is cleared.


  • Make sure that permanent ramps are installed for everyone's safety
  • Ramp specifications are: for every 0.3m (1 foot) in height you need at least 3.6m (12 feet) of ramp. You also need a non-slip surface for walking and handrails
  • Handrails should be no higher than 860mm (33 inches)
  • Ramp should be at least 870mm (34 inches) wide (between handrails)
  • If you need to have a lift or proper ramp installed, grants may be available to you as an owner or renter. Call us for more information at 780-496-4570
  • Please make sure you have adequate room to maneuver a chair or walker at the top landing of the stairs or at doorways at residences. The Barrier Free design standards state there should be a landing at the top and the bottom of not less than 1.5m by 1.5m (approximately 4.9 feet)
  • If there is a curve or turn in the ramp there should be a level area not less than 1.2m by 1.2m (3.4 feet)

Ramp information is from the Barrier Free Design Guide, Alberta Government Safety Codes Council, call 780-413-0099.