Booking DATS

Please note that Reservation DATS takes reservation bookings 2 or 3 days in advance of travel or the day before until noon.

When booking a trip you will be asked:

  1. Your DATS registration number
  2. The day and time you wish to travel
  3. The exact address for your pick-up and drop-off
  4. If you use a wheelchair or other type of mobility aid
  5. If you wish to book a return trip

The Client Service Centre Agent will confirm the trip by repeating it back to you. Be sure all the information is correct.

Day of Trip When to Book
  • Friday before 5pm
  • Saturday or Sunday before noon
  • Saturday or Sunday before noon
  • Monday before noon
  • Sunday before noon
  • Monday before 5pm
  • Tuesday before noon
  • Monday or Tuesday before 5pm
  • Wednesday before noon
  • Tuesday or Wednesday before 5pm
  • Thursday before noon
  • Wednesday or Thursday before 5pm
  • Friday before noon
  • Thursday or Friday before 5pm
  • Saturday before noon

Booking Types

Reservation Trips

Reservation trips are for occasional or casual trips. All DATS bookings are on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Reservation trips can be booked starting three days in advance up to noon the day before. DATS will offer alternate times if we cannot accommodate the time requested. You may also request a Same-Day (On-Demand) trip.

Subscription Trips

Subscription trips are booked from the same origin to the same destination, at the same time and on the same day of each week, repeating regularly, for a minimum of six weeks (for example, every second Monday and Wednesday at 10am). Frequent cancellations or changes of subscription trips will result in a review of your booking privileges.

If you do not need your subscription trip on a particular day/time, please temporarily cancel your subscription. You can also temporarily cancel your subscriptions for an extended period of time, if required. For example, if you are going on holidays for 3 weeks, you can temporarily cancel all subscription trips for those 3 weeks.

To make a new subscription request, please call DATS Client Services at 780-496-4567 (Option 6) after noon each day.

DATS reviews all subscription booking requests and will try to accommodate them for the requested times. Sometimes, DATS will offer clients alternative times of day, based on service capacity, if the original request can’t be accommodated.  DATS urges clients to book outside of peak hours.

Subscription trips are typically cancelled on all Statutory Holidays with the exception of Easter Sunday.

Same-Day (On-Demand) Trips

These trips are requested on the same day the client wishes to travel. DATS is able to accommodate some trips on the day of service because others have cancelled advance bookings. Same-Day (On-Demand) trips are not guaranteed – it depends on vehicle capacity.  Same-Day requests must be made at least two hours prior to the requested departure time.

Cancelling a Trip

Your cooperation in phoning DATS promptly if you must cancel your trip will help us provide better service for all passengers. Your cancellations help us avoid making unnecessary trips and may allow another client to use our service. Cancellations can be made by phone at 780-496-4567 (option 1).

Trips cancelled less than two hours before the scheduled pick-up time are recorded as 'cancelled late.'  Trips cancelled at the time of pick-up are recorded as ‘no-show’ or ‘cancel at the door.’ Frequent cancellations may result in a review of a client’s booking privileges.

DATS Cancellation Policy

Group Trips

Group trips are used for three or more DATS clients traveling from the same location to the same destination at the same time. Group reservation trips must be booked three to six days in advance. For large group trips (10 or more DATS clients), six to ten days notice is required. Only a limited number of group bookings can be accommodated, and we cannot guarantee everyone in your group will be on the same vehicle. Group trips may not be available during peak periods.

Group Booking on DATS


DATS I-Book allows clients to book trips online from 7:30am-midnight, and cancel or view DATS trips online from 4:30am-2am (scheduled maintenance occurs between 2-4:30am).

Register online for DATS I-Book or call 780-496-4567 (option 4)

Booking/Cancellation Request Forms

Did you know you can request a trip via fax? Just fill it out on the computer (or print it off and fill it out) and fax it into DATS. No calls, no waiting on the phone, and you can work at your own pace.

You can complete requests for Reservation, Subscription, and Group trips. You can also cancel or change your trips. Please remember to read through the form carefully – missing information will result in your request not being processed.

Your confirmation will be sent via a return fax; if you don’t receive confirmation, call the Client Service Centre at 780-496-4567, option 2 to check on the status. Sending in the fax does not guarantee your trip, you must receive back the confirmation fax. If your booking consist of more than two people, then please use the 'Group Booking Request Form' in addition to the 'Booking Request Form'.

Trip Booking/Cancellation Request Fax Forms

Booking Request Fax Form

Group Booking Request Fax Form

Subscription Booking Request Fax Form

Please note: Booking, group booking, and subscription booking request forms must be received by noon the day before the requested trip. Cancellation requests are processed during regular Client Service Centre operating hours. Please do not fax same day cancellation forms outside of these hours as they will not be processed (see service hours for more detail).