DATS is a door-to-door public transportation service for Edmontonians who cannot use
regular transit for some or all of their travel needs, due to a physical or cognitive
impairment. DATS is a shared-ride public transportation service operating within the City of Edmonton. Wheelchair lift equipped vehicles, minivans, accessible minivans and vans are used to provide DATS service. Vehicles used are clearly identified as "DATS" vehicles.

DATS clients must apply, meet eligibility requirements and be registered before using DATS services.

DATS is administered and scheduled by the DATS section of ETS (Edmonton Transit
Service). The DATS budget is supported primarily from the City of Edmonton tax levy.
Cost of the service is partially offset with fares collected from the DATS users. Trips are
scheduled to make maximum use of this shared ride service while staying within

Who Can Use DATS?

DATS service is available to residents of Edmonton who cannot use regular transit for
some or all trips because of a physical and/or cognitive disability. Eligibility is
determined on a case-by-case basis, following specific guidelines, and a registration process.

Youth Service

Service for non-educational trips is available to youth who cannot use regular transit
because of a physical and/or cognitive disability. Service is offered during off-peak
hours only (with or without an escort).

Temporary Service

A temporary registration number may be available for individuals temporarily disabled for the period they cannot use conventional transit as a travel option.

Conditional Service

Each application is carefully reviewed to evaluate eligibility for travel on DATS. Applicants are advised of any conditions on their eligibility and the terms of use at the time of registration. Some examples of eligibility conditions include 'winter only', 'dark only' and 'no escort’.

DATS User Guide

Get all the information you need on DATS and their accessible services in a friendly, printable PDF version.

DATS User Guide