Travelling with a Mandatory Attendant

A mandatory attendant is assigned to a registered DATS client when that registrant needs individual assistance on a vehicle due to a medical condition and/or behavioural concern.

Examples include:

  • Adjusting feeding tubes or other medical equipment while travelling
  • Controlling behaviour of clients who exhibit aggressive or other unacceptable behaviour toward themselves, other passengers or the driver, while on the vehicle

Mandatory Attendant are not assigned to clients who:

  • Need a family member to accompany or assist them at their destination
  • Don't want to travel alone or don't feel comfortable travelling alone
  • Have a communication barrier

DATS registrants required to travel with mandatory attendants can never travel alone on DATS - all trips must be booked with an attendant. The mandatory attendant does not have to be the same person for every trip, but they must be able to address any medical condition and/or behavioural concern. Mandatory attendants do not have to pay a fare.

Clients who are required to travel with a mandatory attendant will have an "MA" designation on their registrant file prior to booking their trips. When a mandatory attendant is required, it is a condition of travel.

Once a registrant is required to travel with a mandatory attendant, they must be able to demonstrate that they are able to travel independently on a consistent, long-term basis before the "MA" designation will be removed. Verification may be required for clients with behavioural problems.

Once removed, if the problem behaviour or medical condition resurfaces and cannot be resolved, the client will be required to travel with a mandatory attendant again.

"Do Not Leave Alone" Status

Sometimes, DATS clients can travel independently, but must have someone meet them at their destination. Clients are given a "Do Not Leave Alone" or "DNLA" status in their DATS profile, so that DATS operators know not to leave them unattended at their destination. 

Safety on DATS

The safe operation of the DATS vehicle is the primary concern for both DATS staff and other passengers. DATS drivers do not provide "attendant care" or emergency medical type services. This is the responsibility of the client and/or their guardians.


If you have questions about travelling with a mandatory attendant, please contact DATS Client Services at 780-496-4567, option 3.