Arterial Roadway Assessments (ARA) are collected as a condition of a subdivision or development permit. They establish how developers will share the costs of arterial roadway infrastructure.

Arterial Roads for Development Bylaw 14380 (June 2022)
Defines assessable areas in Edmonton, as well as, the Arterial Roads to be cost-shared throughout each catchment.

City Policy C507
Directs the principles, management and administration of Arterial Roadway Assessments.

Consolidated ARA Map
Visually identifies the assessable areas of land defined by the Arterial Roads for Development Bylaw.

Guidelines for Arterial Construction with Subdivision
Provides general direction on how arterial conditions are reviewed/applied at the subdivision stage of development.

Figures-Guidelines for Arterial Construction with Subdivision
Figures to support the Guidelines for Arterial Construction with Subdivisions.


Each development occurring within the catchment is required to pay an assessment based on a per-hectare rate under the provisions of a servicing agreement. Please note that arterial roadway assessments may not apply to all developments.

The developer or property owner is also required to pay an ARA administration fee of $2,205 + GST for the assessment calculation.

ARA Payment Process

​2024 ARA Rates ​​

Annual Reports

Available ARA Annual Reports can be downloaded below: