An Expansion Assessment charge is applied to an entire property located in areas planned to be serviced by the existing or future major sanitary trunks. The applicant is required to pay at the time of the Development Agreement an amount based on the current sanitary trunk rate for the specific area.

Note: effective May 13, 2024, the Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund Oversight Committee has agreed to pause SSSF charges, including Sanitary Sewer Trunk Charge and Expansion Assessment charges. For details, please refer to the Sanitary Servicing Strategy Fund Pause on Fee Collection page.

Current Rates

The rates are applicable to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional developments.

Trunk/Sewer Name 2024 Amount/hectare
NEST (North Edmonton Sanitary Trunk)


SESS (South Edmonton Sanitary Sewer)


WESS (West Edmonton Sanitary Sewer)


Charges are calculated by the equation A x B, where:

A = Area of property in hectares
B = EA rate of specific sanitary trunk

Illustrative Example:

For a property of 50 hectares that is within the SESS trunk sewer basin, the amount of Expansion Assessment charge is:

50 x $25,186 = $1,259,300

Charges for past years are listed in the Historical Rates sheet.