The following fees may be payable at the time of entering into an agreement.

Inspection Fees

Inspection fees are to be paid to the City for reviewing engineering drawings and inspecting various municipal improvements. The current rate for residential developments is $8,365/hectare plus GST with a minimum value based on 3.0 hectares. 

Permanent Area Contributions and Expansion Assessments

Permanent area contributions (PACs) are payments for storm and sanitary trunk sewers, stormwater management facilities, and other cost-sharable drainage improvements within predefined drainage basins (land areas). They are based on the area of development or subdivision.

For a detailed explanation of how PACs are calculated and determined, see Permanent Area Contributions.

An expansion assessment charge will be applied to all new land developments that did not have an approved neighbourhood structure plan on January 1, 1998, that identified a downstream receiving system. For more information on how expansion assessments are calculated, see Expansion Assessments.

For further information, please contact:

  • Cost Assessment Technologist at 780-496-5575 (residential)
  • Cost Assessment Technologist at 780-496-5665 (commercial/industrial)

Arterial Roadway Assessments

Arterial Roadway Assessments (ARAs) are collected as a condition of a subdivision or development permit. They establish how developers will share the costs of arterial roadway infrastructure.

In the event that Arterial Roadway Assessments apply, an administrative fee of $2,205, plus GST, will also be collected.

For more information about ARAs and how they are calculated and determined, visit Arterial Roadway Assessments.

Fire Hall Off-Site Levies

The Facilities Off-Site Levies Bylaw 19340 came into effect on January 1, 2022, effectively creating a levy to help fund new fire halls in developing areas of the City.  For more information, please refer to the Off-Site Levy Bylaw web page.

The fire hall off-site levy is imposed as a condition of subdivision for all subdivisions falling within defined catchment areas identified in the bylaw.  Please see the ​ Fire Hall Off-Site Levy Rates for 2023 ​ and map of the catchment areas.

Show Home Agreement Fee

A fee of $1,125 plus GST is to be paid to the City as part of an application for a Show Home Agreement.

Optional Boundary Assessment Fee

In situations where a developer constructs municipal improvements in a public right-of-way where there is a different landowner on the opposite side of the right-of-way that will benefit from the infrastructure, the City is willing to attempt to collect a portion of the costs from the other benefiting landowner. Owners can work out their own cost-sharing arrangements, but if they want the City to administer the recovery the City will do so and charge a Boundary Assessment fee for providing this service. The Boundary Assessment fee is $1,125 (2023 rate).