About Caveats

Caveat is from the Latin word meaning “let him beware.” A caveat is a registerable document that serves as a notice or caution that a person or persons, other than the landowner, have an interest in a parcel of land.

The City of Edmonton often uses caveats to notify the landowner of a specific City interest in the land.

Determining if There is a Caveat on Title

A caveat will be registered as an instrument on a land title certificate through Alberta Land Titles. The land title certificate will generally show the caveat registration number, the date of registration, the description of the caveat and the name of the caveator or party that is claiming an interest in the land.

Getting a Copy of the Caveat

A copy of the land title certificate and corresponding caveat can be obtained through any Alberta Registry. You must know the legal description, Land Identification Number Code (LINC number) or the title number for the property you want to search. If you only have a municipal address, they can look up the legal description, but may charge a modest fee for doing so.

You will need the caveat registration number found on the title in order to obtain a copy of the corresponding caveat.

Reasons for the City to Register a Caveat

The City can register a caveat for a variety of reasons. The most common are:

  • Conditions or obligations of a Servicing Agreement, Sales Agreement or other agreement pertaining to the property
  • Provision of municipal reserves has been deferred
  • Requirement to service land  or pay assessments has been deferred, or
  • Land use restrictions

Getting the Caveat Discharged

To discharge a caveat, the landowner or designate must apply to the caveator for discharge. If you would like to request a caveat to be discharged from the City of Edmonton, please forward the completed Caveat Discharge Request Form, along with all supporting documentation, to:
By mail or in person:
Urban Planning and Economy
2nd Floor, Edmonton Tower
10111 104 Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB  T5J 3P4
Or by email to Development.Coordination@Edmonton.ca.
The City will review the request and provide a response in writing to the landowner or applicant. If the City agrees that the caveat can be discharged, the Withdrawal and Discharge of Caveat documents will be prepared by the City and sent to the applicant for registration at the Alberta Land Titles office.

The City of Edmonton does not charge a fee for the preparation of these documents, but there is a nominal fee to register the documents at Alberta Land Titles.