The Province of Alberta matched the Federal Government’s grant of $1 per resident to distribute for Centennial projects. The Province administered the grants for nearly 400 community projects such as memorials, parks, the restoration of historic buildings, writing books, composing original music, and commissioning artwork.

Funding Breakdown

Federal Centennial Grant $1,370,369
Provincial Centennial Grant $1,370,369
Local sources and other grants $6,000,000
Total $8,740,738

Provincial Museum and Archives

The Province was offered up to $2.5 million dollars in matching funds towards a Confederation memorial project. Being the capital city, Edmonton benefited directly from this investment, which was used to build the Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta.

Centennial Bulletin newspaper article showing a black and white photo of the provincial museum and archives with the headline "Provincial Museum and Archives of Alberta".

[Province of Alberta Centennial Bulletin December 1967 - January 1968]

Dominion Day Celebrations

The Province and City partnered to throw a massive birthday bash for Canada on July 1. The event began on the south lawn of the Legislature, followed by a parade to City Hall, where cake was served and the festivities continued.

Dominion Day Invitation and Program

This invitation and program are from the Centennial Day ceremony held jointly by the Province and City on the south lawn of the Alberta Legislature. [A80-88]


The Alberta Centennial Committee was involved in promoting the Centennial all over the province. They did this in a variety of ways, including the Centennial Bulletin, a Centennial calendar of events, and the creation of ephemera like bumper stickers.

Centennial Day 1967 promotional bumper sticker. Alberta's coat of arms appears on the left, with the official Centennial symbol on the right. The text in the middle reads "Celebrate '67 in Alberta - Alberta Centennial Committee"

Centennial bumper sticker [MS-385]