The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) purpose is to hear those appeals as required by the Municipal Government Act from persons affected by a decision of the Development Authority and the Subdivision Authority.

Citizen Members

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Allan Bolstad Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Chris Buyze Apr 11/17 Apr 30/22
Kathy Cherniawsky Jan  01/13 Apr 30/22
Miles Davis Apr 06/21 Apr 30/22
Laura Delfs May 01/18 Apr 30/22
Donald Fleming May 01/18 Apr 30/22
Brian Gibson Jan 01/13 Apr 30/22
Louise Gibson Apr 11/17 Apr 30/22
Rick Hachigian May 01/15 Apr 30/22
Rohit Handa  (Chair) Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Gwen Harris Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Robert Hobson Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Jack Jones May 01/18 Apr 30/22
E. James Kindrake Mar 01/14 Apr 30/22
Debby Kronewitt Martin Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Shari LaPerle Apr 05/16 Apr 30/22
Melanie McCallum May 01/15 Apr 30/22
Sarah McCartney May 01/18 Apr 30/22
Alex Nagy May 01/15 Apr 30/22
Arthur Peterson Mar 01/14 Apr 30/22
Lyall Pratt May 01/15 Apr 30/22
Stephen Raitz Apr 06/21 Apr 30/22
Christopher Samuel Apr 06/21 Apr 30/22
Elaine Solez May 01/15 Apr 30/22
Winston Tuttle Mar 01/14 Apr 30/22



  • The Subdivision and Development Appeal Board generally has one to two panels running every Wednesday and Thursday throughout the year, starting at 9am and often finishing late in the afternoon. There may be hearings on a Tuesday or Friday, as required. The Board may have between 16 and 20 hearing days a month.
  • Board members are scheduled for hearings on a rotational basis and availability.
  • Member participation in the Board's professional development program is required, which occurs throughout the year.

Information about Serving on the Board

Online applications to fill board vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.