Branch Mandate

The Regional Initiatives office coordinates the City's efforts at the Capital Region Board as well as overseeing other projects and relations with our neighbours in the Capital Region.

The Edmonton Capital Region has tremendous growth potential. The City of Edmonton has long recognized that the 25 municipalities in the Region must work together to plan where growth will occur and how to deliver the infrastructure and services to support that growth.

The Capital Region Board exists to do that. It is a provincially legislated body with representatives from Edmonton and 23 surrounding  municipalities.

Starting in April of 2008, the Capital Region Board created the Capital Region Growth Plan to guide and co-ordinate development in the Region. In the spring of 2010, the Province adopted the Regional Plan and made it binding on all member municipalities. The heart of the Plan is a section on land-use, which sets out where and how growth will happen in the Region

The Regional Plan aligns well with The Way Ahead (2009-2018 Strategic Plan), The Way We Grow (Municipal Development Plan) and The Way We Move (Transportation Master Plan). All four of these plans call for a more compact urban footprint, greater reliance on transit as opposed to private automobiles and better integration of land use and transportation infrastructure.

Although the Regional Plan is complete, the Capital Region Board continues to meet regularly and work on the implementing its Plan.