2012 Neighbourhood Names

Area/Neighbourhood  Neighbourhood Names (total 7)
Heritage Valley Paisley;
Graydon Hill
North East Edmonton Horse Hill Area Structure Plan (ASP)
South East Area Structure Plan (ASP) Mattson
City Centre Redevelopment (CCR) Lands Blatchford Area Redevelopment Plan (ARP)
South West Edmonton Riverview

2012 Park and Pond Names

Area/Neighbourhood Park and Pond Names (total 7)
Belvedere Braids Park
Highlands James Gullion Park
Ellerslie Road and 66 Street Ivor Dent Sports Park
Charlesworth Charlesworth Park
Silver Berry The Meadows District Park
Hodgson Hodgson Park
Griesbach Roundel Lake

2012 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Road Names
Ambleside Armour Bend, Link, Crescent;
Ainslie Wynd, Link, Court;
Allan Way, Crescent, Link, Landing;
Anderson Court
Cameron Heights Cameron Heights Cove
Chappelle Clayton Link, Court, Place
Edgemont Edgemont Way, Boulevard;
Ellis Crescent, Link;
Evans Wynd;
Edworthy Way, Landing, Cove, Court;
Edmonds Crescent
Glenora Glenora Crescent
Glenridding Glenridding Link
Graydon Hill Graydon Hill Link, Boulevard, Way, Court
Griesbach Ad Astra Boulevard;
Morgan Road;
Newson Road;
Johnnie Caine Way;
Bannock Bay
Hays Ridge Hays Ridge Boulevard;
Howatt Drive, Place
Keswick Keswick Boulevard, Way, View, Drive, Gate, Link;
Kennedy View, Cove, Bay, Court, Crescent, Close, Green;
Kidd Crescent, Close, Bay;
Kirkland Link, Way, Bay, Link;
Keeping Link, Crescent;
Knight Crescent, Wynd, Close;
Kiriak Wynd, Loop;
Knox Wynd, Court, Link, Road;
Koruluk Close, Way, Link;
Kootook Crescent, Wynd
Rosenthal Rosenthal Link, Way
Starling Sparrow Place;
Blue Jay Court, Close
Walker Wonnacott Court, Way, Loop, Crescent;
Weidle Way, Crescent, Bend;
Watt Common
Westmount Sylvancroft Lane
Windermere Wheaton Drive, Close;
Ware Crescent, Gate, Road;
Wahl Court;
Walkowski Place;
Westcliff Close, Terrace

2012 Honourary Names

Area/Neighbourhood Honorary Road Names (total 2)
Mayfield Road and 166a Street Eugene Pechet Way
Virginia Park and Northlands Red Pollard Way

2011 Neighbourhood Names

Area/Neighbourhood Neighbourhood Names 2011 (total 6)
Heritage Valley Cashman Neighbourhood
Lake District Crystalina Nera East (renaming from Joviz)
Windermere Glenridding Heights
Windermere Glenridding Ravine
Heritage Valley Hays Ridge Neighbourhood
South of 82 Avenue Strathcona Junction Neighbourhood (renaming from CPR West)

2011 Park Names

Area/Neighbourhood Park Names 2011 (total 5)
Highlands Betty Stanhope-Cole Park
Canon Ridge Canon Ridge Park
Oliver (Grandin) Monsignor William Irwin Park
Queen Alexandra Queen Alezandra Park
Mill Woods (Richfield) Sohan Singh Bhullar Park (renamed from Bhullar Park)

2011 Municipal Facilities

Area/Neighbourhood Municipal Facilities (total 7)
Whitemud Park Alfred H. Savage Cetre
Clareview Clareview Community Recreation Centre
Clareview Clareview Library
River Valley (Kinsmen) Queen Elizabeth Outdoor Pool (relocation)
John Janzen Nature Centre Tegler Discovery Zone
The Meadows The Meadows Community Recreation Centre
The Meadows The Meadows Library

2011 Road Names

Area/Neighbourhood Road Names
Albany Albany Drive
Allard Adamson Point, Adamson Terrace
Cameron Heights Cameron Ravine Place
Chappelle Creighton CloseCreighton PlaceCulter Crescent
Cy Becker Cy Becker Boulevard
Glenridding Glenridding Boulevard, Glenridding Way, Glenridding Gate
Griesbach Dragoon Place
Hawks Ridge (Birds of Prey) Coopers Hawk Link, Goshawk Point, Gyrfalcon Crescent,
Merling Landing, Northern Harrier Lane, Osprey Crescent,
Peregrine Terrace
Maple Maple Road, Maple Way
Rosenthal Rosenthal Boulevard
South Terwillegar Simpson Court, Simpson Place
Starling (Birds of Prey) Blackbird Link, Blue Jay Landing, Blue Jay Point, Chickadee Drive,
Grosbeak Court, Hummingbird Way, Kinglet Court, Magpie Court,
Mourning Dove Way, Nuthatch Way, Pigeon Place,
Purple Finch Road, Raven Court, Robins Crescent, Sparrow Court,
Sparrow Crescent, Starling Drive, Tanager Close
Tamarack Tamarack Boulevard, Tamarack Link
Walker Watt Drive
Windermere Hiller RoadWalkowski WayWright Drive

2011 Honourary Names

Area/Neighbourhood Honourary Road Names (total 3)
Central Mcdougall Leslie Nielsen Way
Downtown Okisikow (Angel) Way
Spruce Avenue Robbins Way