The Edmonton Public Library Board is a corporation with full management powers over the Library. Responsibilities include: approving library service policies, operating and capital budgets, and developing strategic-planning documents for effective and efficient operations. The board lobbies for library support and advocates for literacy and learning.

Council Member Representative

Name of Appointee First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Councillor Karen Principe Nov 10/21 Organizational Meeting in 2023

Citizen Members

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Mansur Bitar May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Rebecca Bock-Freeman May 01/23 Apr 30/25
James Crossman May 01/19 Apr 30/25
Tina Faiz May 25/20 Apr 30/24
Kenna Houncaren  (Chair) May 01/17 Apr 30/24
Sandra Marin May 01/19 Apr 30/25
Rosalie Russnak  (Vice-Chair) May 25/20 Apr 30/24
Chad Schulz May 25/20 Apr 30/24
Shawna Vogel May 01/23 Apr 30/25


The Board generally meets approximately 8-9 times a year at 5pm on the second Tuesday of the month. Board meetings are not held during the months of July and August. The Standing Committees normally meet monthly, except for July and August.

Information about Serving on the Board

Online applications to fill Board vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign (if vacancies).