The Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee is a Council Committee established to hear and adjudicate Preliminary Issue Applications and appeals of:

  • Licencing Decisions
  • Municipal Government Act Orders
  • Weed Control Notices

Citizen Members:

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Allan Bolstad May 01/21 Apr 30/25
Kathy Cherniawsky (Chair) May 01/21 Apr 30/25
Don Fleming May 01/21 Apr 30/25
Rohit Handa May 01/21 Apr 30/25
Joel McDonald Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Karen Munro Apr 19/22 Apr 30/25
Christopher Samuel  Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Skye Van Dyk May 01/24 Apr 30/25


Information about Serving on the Committee

Online applications to fill Committee vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.

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Bylaw 19003

Community Standards and Licence Appeal Committee Bylaw