The Community Services Advisory Board provides advice to Council and the City of Edmonton to assist in long term planning for community services in Edmonton. The Board raises issues and offers advice on social policy, arts, culture, multiculturalism, parks, recreation and sports.

The Board also can recommend the allocation of funds under the Family and Community Support Services Program legislation and applicable Community Investment Grants and other awards.    


The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Edmonton Tower, from 5 - 8pm.

Community Services Advisory Board Members

Council Advisor

Name of Appointee First Appointed Term
Councillor Jo-Anne Wright Nov 10/21 Organizational Meeting in 2023

Citizen Members

Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Jenny Albers (Chair) May 01/22 Apr 30/24
Donna Brock May 01/22 Apr 30/24
Azumme Degun May 01/23 Apr 30/24
Szejn Enzo della Rocca May 01/23 Apr 30/24
Bette Gray May 01/17 Apr 30/24
Kanwal Lali May 01/17 Apr 30/24
Samuel Mammen May 01/23 Apr 30/24
Shaun Percival May 01/23 Apr 30/24
Ahmed Rana May 01/23 Apr 30/24
Shane Scott May 01/22 Apr 30/24
Luke Statt Jul 04/22 Apr 30/24
Oluseyi Taiwo May 01/22 Apr 30/24
Francisco Yu May 01/22 Apr 30/24


Ex-Officio Member

General Manager of Community Services (or Designate) - non-voting.


Meeting agendas are posted ten days prior to each meeting date.


January 24
February 28
March 28



January 25
February - Cancelled
March 22
April 26
May 24
June 28
August 23
September 27
October 25

Bylaw 11926
Community Services Advisory Board Bylaw