To adjudicate assessment disputes between the City of Edmonton and its assessed persons or taxpayers in an impartial, fair, and timely manner.


Name of Appointees First Appointed Term Expiry Date
Christopher Cambridge Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Christina Clark  (Chair) Apr 02/19 Apr 30/25
Greg Dahlen May 01/22 Apr 30/25
Ramey Demian May 25/20 Apr 30/25
Shari-Anne Doolaege Mar 20/18 Apr 30/25
Wayne Dosman Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Donna Edhart May 01/24 Apr 30/25
Deborah Gawlik May 01/23 Apr 30/25
James Grattan May 01/24 Apr 30/25
Paulina Hiebert May 01/24 Apr 30/25
Neil Hryciw Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Brian Kiely May 25/20 Apr 30/25
Jerry Krysa May 01/22 Apr 30/25
Kanwal Lali Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Justin Layton May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Sheila McNaughtan May 25/20 Apr 30/25
Neill McQuay Mar 21/17 Apr 30/25
Sean Melrose May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Tammy Pidner May 01/22 Apr 30/25
Mary Sheldon May 01/22 Apr 30/25
Jasbeer Singh Apr 06/21 Apr 30/25
Randall Soifer May 01/23 Apr 30/25
Judy Tran May 25/20 Apr 30/25
Darcy Wiltse May 01/22 Apr 30/25


  • Generally, the Assessment Review Board schedules merit hearings Monday to Friday, March through December.
  • Time commitment varies with the number of complaints received, which range from 1,500 to 3,000 annually.
  • Up to 24 members are appointed to Assessment Review Boards and all are expected to be available throughout the year while hearings are ongoing. There are no minimum hours or remuneration guaranteed. Members may be scheduled up to 5 days per week. There may also be weeks where they are not scheduled at all. Flexibility is therefore required. Member participation in the Board's Professional development sessions, which occurs prior to and during the hearing season, is also required.

Information about Serving on the Board

Online applications to fill Board vacancies are accepted in the annual December/January Recruitment Campaign.