Vacation Management (A1115B)
The purpose of this directive is to ensure employee and organizational benefits of employee vacation are realized, to establish guidelines supporting consistent, responsible management practices for the administration of vacation leave for employees and to manage the financial liabilities associated with employee vacation.
Procedure: Vacation Management
Attachment I: Vacation Management Responsibility Summary
Attachment II: Vacation Management Process
Addendum:  Addendum Management Vacation Entitlements

Vehicle Idle Control (A1447)
The purpose of this directive is to identify acceptable idling parameters, define expectations for employees, identify training needs and encourage the adoption of sound, environmentally friendly, driving practices.
Procedure: Vehicle Idle Control

Vehicle Take-Home Permits (A1421A)
This directive identifies acceptable parameters for taking vehicles home, defines take home expectations for employees and ensures that vehicles that are taken home are effectively identified and properly managed for risks.
Procedure: Vehicle Take Home Permits
Attachment I: Vehicle Take Home Permit Application
Attachment II: Vehicle Take Home Permit - Monthly Kilometre Log

Video Surveillance in Public Areas (A1435)


Wearing of Corporate Identification Cards (A1434B)
This directive is to ensure Corporate Identification Cards are worn by City Employees in all City of Edmonton facilities.
Procedure: Wearing of Corporate Identification Cards