Occupational Health and Safety (A1117C)
This directive promotes and supports a safe and healthy workplace which, at a minimum, meets the requirements of Occupational Health and Safety regulations and other relevant legislation and agreements.
Procedure: Occupational Health and Safety
Attachment I: Safety Management Framework

Operating City Vehicles and Equipment (A1416A)
This directive establishes clear expectations for drivers who operate City vehicles or equipment and establishes procedures for reviewing incidents in an effort to reduce risk for the City of Edmonton and encourage safe operation by all employees.
Procedure: Operating City Vehicles and Equipment
Attachment I: Driver Safety Program Driver's Manual

Overhead Costs and Allocations (A1202)


Photocopying and Printing (Reprographics) (A1404)

Places and Spaces, Booking (1474)
Procedure: Reserving City Facilities

Planning Referrals and Notifications with Regional Partners (A1475)
This administrative policy states the City's commitment to notify regional partners of land use planning and development applications, and refer these applications to them.
Procedure: Planning Referrals and Notifications with Regional Partners

Privacy (A1433)
This directive ensures that the City complies with the privacy provisions of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and commits itself to the protection of all recorded personal information about an identifiable individual.
Procedure: Privacy
Attachment I: Privacy Code
Attachment II: Web Privacy Code

Privacy Breach (A1445)
This directive establishes guidelines for the management of inadvertent disclosure of personal information by assisting employees in the reporting, investigating and documenting of privacy breaches and determining the severity of the privacy breach.
Procedure: Privacy Breach
Reporting Form: Privacy Breach Directive (A1445)

Procurement (A1465)
This directive establishes guiding principles, procedures and processes that ensure the City follows best practices when procuring goods, services and construction.

Competitive Procurement Procedure
Conflict of Interest after City Employment
Conflict of Interest of Employees Participating in City Procurements
Conflict of Interest Related to Members of Civic Agencies
Contracting with Parties in Dispute
Invitational Procurement Procedure
Non-Competitive Procurement Procedure
Retainer of Lawyers and Experts for Legal Purposes
Review of Unsolicited Proposals Procedure
Self-Service Procurement Procedure 

Project Management for Construction Projects (A1406A)
The directive is to ensure all City of Edmonton Construction Projects follow established project management best practice consistently and performance standards for project management are established, monitored and controlled for all Construction Projects.
Procedure: Project Management for Construction Projects

Protection of Mobile Sensitive Data (A1444)
This directive clarifies responsibility and establishes guidelines for employees to protect Mobile Data Storage from loss or theft, including protecting any Sensitive Data which might be stored there.
Procedure: Protection of Mobile Sensitive Data

Provision of Office and Special Purpose Accommodation for Civic Staff (A1407B)
This directive establishes procedures for assessment and provision of the physical space required for general purpose office accommodations and special purpose accommodations for the City.
Procedure: Provision of Office and Special Purpose Accommodation for Civic Staff
Attachment I:Corporate Space Guidelines
Attachment II : Accommodation Request and Implementation Process
Attachment III: Exceptions

Public Involvement (A1448)
This directive provides employees with guidelines for a consistent approach when there are City sponsored public involvement processes.
Procedure: Public Involvement

Purchasing Light-duty Vehicles (A1451)
This directive establishes standards and guidelines to ensure that all light-duty vehicles that the City purchases are required and maximize fuel efficiency and environmental sustainability while achieving the lowest possible life-cycle costs and demonstrating the City’s environmental leadership. 
Procedure: Purchasing Light-duty Vehicles
Attachment I: Light-duty Vehicle Needs Analysis Checklist
Attachment II: Light-duty Vehicle Purchase Approval Form