Grants and Other City Contributions (A1460)
This directive establishes consistent practices in the administration of grant programs and other contributions to ensure accountability, effective oversight and reporting of the outcomes achieved.
Procedure: Grants and Other City Contributions
Attachment I: City Contribution Decision Criteria
Attachment II: Grant Administration Style
Attachment III: City Contributions Cost Elements


Hiring (A1104A)
This directive provides an impartial and consistently applied framework and procedures for hiring employees that are timely, simple, cost efficient, integrated with client business needs and human resources plans.

Procedure: Hiring
Attachment I: Guidelines, Interview Expense and Relocation

Home Use of City Owned Hardware and Software (A1430)


Information Management (A1461)
Standards for all Employees handling City Information and to establish the Information Management principles the City will apply when creating new processes or Standards related to Information Management.
Procedure: Information Management

Information Technology Hardware & Software - Non Standard Request (A1442B)
This directive establishes guidelines and procedures for requesting non-standard information technology hardware and software which is intended to be connected to the City of Edmonton’s computing environment.
Procedure: Information Technology Hardware & Software - Non Standard Request

Information Technology Investment and Architecture (A1457)
This directive clarifies responsibility and establishes procedures for information and technology investment and architecture of all business systems, information, applications, technology and/or processes.
Procedure: Information Technology Investment and Architecture